She is a screenwriter from Los Angeles. She is a true phenomenal talent when it comes to telling a movie story.  Her life is outside of the studio environment making a career within the Independent films whose business executives truly love her. Please, if you are a movie maker, hire her for your next shoot. If you do, you will find that she will get rid of all the poor writing that has dominated Hollywood forever. She, as a script doctor, will inject so much writing professionalism into whatever project you are working on, rather it be a project for Matt Daman or Vincent Tarantino. Why have an amateur working on your book when you can get  to her provide you with a blissful piece of art?  She is the best of the best when it comes to content creation and she will author your script as no one can author it. We here at Espresso Films ran into her on CC bel’s LinkedIn network. Maxx TEE is our other aspiring digital marketer very much loved her blog. Since our editorials are about b movies, our love for the artistically inclined is next to none.  We have lots of movie actresses  that blog on our website.  We have Studio Block Buster Movies advertised too, but not as many as the smaller guys.  If you want to show your stuff in the prism of excellence, then we can promote you like you were the alone King of Los Angeles.  You do not have to be famous nor do you have to love entertainment, you just need to get us your blog, having something to do  with the indies.