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To a lot of people, both professional movie people, and the public, films and movies are synonymous, both meaning the same thing. But to a lover of arthouse films or experimental films, the terms movies and films can have two different meanings. The term film or experimental film or arthouse film can mean when an artist puts forth on a cinematographic platform, an expression of art created by the audio and visual nature of the experimental film or arthouse film, and a movie is to entertain the masses of conventional movie customers. An Art-House Film, or an Art Film, is usually made as a pure piece of cinematographic art rather than to haul in the bucks for the independent filmmaker. Therefore, an Art Film is normally made by an Indie Film producer and not by a studio. Art Films were European Born, the first started back in 1911 and today, in Europe, they are called the “National Cinemas,” a name that takes ownership of this cinematographic art form.

An Art House Movie is usually boring to most film customers who normally want to see their conventional fast-moving to the point, mainly linear movies. Art Films are usually not fast at all and not linear at all and anything about to the point. Movies like Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” had to endings and the lucky, crazy Art Film lover could take his or her pick on which ending best suited them. Quentin Tarantino made history with his “Pulp Fiction” as a modern-day medium-budget studio-sized Art Film success. Most Art house movies are done on a micro-budget, independent in film business nature. However, an independent Art Film Director like Quentin Tarantino can command an exception after his previous note-worthy hits such as “Reservoir Dogs.” There is certainly a different attitude in Independent Producers and film financiers when it comes to Quentin Tarantino, then in film amateur or even up and coming Art House Movie Directors. One of Tarantino’s most appealing traits, loved by the Art Film crowd, is his ability to use multiple levels of dialog symbolism as well as visual symbolism to express the feelings, characterizations, attitudes, and values of the characters. An example is a dialog in Pulp Fiction about McDonald’s Hamburg.

Micro-budget Independent Art Films are normally showcased in dedicated independently owned repertory theaters catering to the Art Film niche crowd. The same Art Film lovers frequent these repertory theaters exhibiting their Art Film on a monthly cycle.

It is a crowd that knows each other, most sharing social media and the repertory theater is where their physical meeting starts, normally moving to pubs and cafes. Another place of common interest to the Art Film lover is wine and cheese Art Gallery showcasing’s. The Art film crowd is usually a progressive-leaning politically sensitive group and most Art Films tend to be the same. In 2020, new Art-House Festival Films covet the Gay and Lesbian and LTGB sensitive moviegoers. Art-House themes in 2020 are also from the meta-physical such as Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” which is about a hero saving the world from a bad Russian oligarch. These Art House films, unlike Art Films 20 years ago, do not go to the repertory theaters for their release, as they make huge profits from their Box Office releases allowing them to stay in the normal theater release film marketing strategy.

However, this year, the theater releases, rather to the repertory theaters or the standard theater releases are suffering due to the COVID 19 virus. It is planned that the Theater releases to both the repertory theaters as well ad the standard theater releases will pick up in 2021, however, the permanent change in the theater releases is only a guess by the film experts. I personally do not think that after the virus has run its course, the repertory theater releases will return to near normal before the virus.

An Arthouse film, or an experimental film, are movies often of the metaphysical. An experimental film director reaches down and grabs his audience’s feelings, thoughts, deep-seated fears, love, hate and sometimes a moviegoer’s deep-seated deviance such as sexual or violent tendencies. Experimental films can and often are about life after death, heaven or hell, or the space of the unknown. Dreams frequently play a large part in creating an experimental film. Different shades of love and eroticism in the depts of weird often are illustrated in Experimental Films. Gay and Lesbian and Transgenders themes are playing large parts in the new age of Experimental films. Arthouse films are increasing in popularity with the new age of Experimental Films leading the pack at the Cannes International Film Festival. Experimental Films at Cannes International Film Festival in 2021 were highly coveted in the selections this year, however, to the disappointment of many of an Experimental Film audience, COVID took its tally on these arthouse films.

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Experiemental Films

Experimental films or arthouse films are the cinematic expressions of art. These films are made for entertainment only for a select few, not the masses of Hollywood blockbuster clients. Experimental films or arthouse films have the entertainment world’s distinction of being the first, or one of the first films or movies ever made.L’Infurno, a film with multiple directors working in conjunction, was based off Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, was shot in 1911. At the time, it was a Blockbuster Italian movie, the first full length Italian, 2-hour, movie made.

Things have changed since L’Infurno to the start of the millennium with experimental films or arthouse films when nearly the only arthouse films or experimental films that could be made, were done on micro-budgets using the experimental film director’s credit cards and well meaning promises to share in the profits to hall of his below the line, and above the line, investors.

Then, Quinten Tarratino came along in the 90s taking the Hollywood Experimental Film or arthouse film making business by a storm with his 1992 major hit micro-budget “Reservoir Dogs,” driving the big budget film, Quinten Tarratino’s “Pulp Fiction” to the top of the Hollywood Blockbuster Theatrical Distribution list. Experimental Films were back and competing for much of the movie going public and these arthouse films are still competing for the funnel of movie customer traffic, both in traditional film distribution and in the new digital film delivery platforms.


Art House Movies – Culture

Europe was the originator and the leader of Cult Arthouse Films. From L’Infurno to today in 2020 they lead the way; however, these Experimental films or Cult Arthouse films are being made in the US and appreciated by more US Cult Arthouse Fans than ever before. To illustrate Europe’s origination of the Cult Arthouse films or Experimental films and to show the pride that Europe’s filmmakers have in them, they generally call the Experimental Film or the Cult Arthouse film in Europe, amateur films.

This term for European Cult Arthouse films or Experimental films, amateur films, is generally used in Germany to show the pride of German Cult Arthouse films. Filmmaking, rather it is traditional filmmaking or Cult Arthouse Film making, some in Europe calling it armature films, started in Europe just about the time of the Industrial Revolution and before the Hollywood Movie Business came into existence. Due to America’s might, Hollywood Movie and the Film business took the world by storm and the major movie productions and blockbuster studio productions soon overwhelmed Europe.

Art House Movies – Budget

Due to the nature of the Cult Arthouse films or armature films or Experimental Films, which are created on micro-budgets employing non-marquee actors and low-cost real-world amateur film production sets, as well as taking advantage of the cultural differences and language differences of non-English speaking countries, Europe maintained a small commercial business in the production of amateur films or experimental films or European Cult Arthouse films. The reasons besides low-cost amateur film production and culture-sensitive amateur film themes are not the only reasons why amateur films or Experimental Films or Cult Arthouse movies sell well in Europe but not in America. A big thing is that the non-English speaking customers have to either read sub-titles or suffer through voice-overs of the Hollywood Blockbuster movies. This produces a much more sophisticated film and movie fan who can appreciate the armature films or Experimental Films or European Cult films more.

Art House Movies – Covid-19

However, in the new age of International film marketing, the world is seeing an integration of Amateur films or Experimental films or Cult Arthouse films and Hollywood Blockbuster movies as the amateur movies or experimental films or Cult Arthouse films move toward the Hollywood Blockbuster moves toward the Amateur films or Experimental Films or Cult Arthouse films.

Since the COVID 19 pandemic and Governor Newsom shutting down nearly all of LA’s theaters, the arthouse movie crowd is nearly nonexistent, keeping to their home theater systems and digital downloads of experimental movies. But some relief has come to the ever so impatient arthouse movie crowd at the experimental movies have returned, at least impart, with the reopening of an iconic repertory theater in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard. This now more than other well-known theaters started showcasing Arthouse movies or Experimental movies for the cult arthouse movie fan. The name of this cool little theater is The Arena Cinelounge.

All About Films Festivals and Markets

The number of Film Festivals held annually is massive, probably ranging in the thousands. A film festival’s purpose is to provide the much-needed Film “buzz” and movie “buzz” needed for the indie film producer to sell his film or to elicit interest from a film and movie distributor. As far as Film Markets go, there are significantly fewer in number than there are of Film Festivals, but there are still numerous Film Markets held each year. It is beyond the scope of this document to list every film festival and every film market, but we will touch on a few of the most significant Film Festivals and Film Markets.

To go to a Film Festival, you will find a significantly different set of objects than what you find at a Film Market. A film festival is all about the artistic nature of the filmmaker’s baby. What awards can he get for having the prettiest indie and how well the film critiques pat him on the back for his film’s good behavior or slap him on the wrist for his film’s bad behavior. A film festival is all about providing as much Film Buzz as what is possible. Dedicated and specialized film publicists are on every corner trying to find that special Independent film to represent. Film critiques compete for interviews from the Experimental film producers as well as the not Experimental filmmakers.

A film market is a marketplace for selling film rights including all film genres. It provides a film supply-demand network for selling films. Distributors place their represented films within the market and negotiate film rights with the complete range of buyers. This includes domestic film channels as well as foreign film sales channels.

In 2021 The Sundance Film Festival will be one of the first film festivals of the year starting January 28th and ending February 3rd. An exciting Sundance team of expertise waits to usher in the new slate of selected films to create that all-important Film Buzz. One of the special awards given out at Sundance is the Audience participation award giving the audiences a chance to participate by voting on that special Indie Film which electrifies the crowd. The Sundance Film festival is presented from the mountains and snow country of Park City Utah and will showcase a slate of 70 Sundance Film Festival films in 2021. Normally, The Sundance Film Festival is a physical demonstration of new films for that year, but in 2021, due to the requirement of social distancing, the slate will be exhibited online.

The Venice International Film Festival is one of the three largest Film Festivals in the world. The 2020 Venice International Film Festival took place in Venice between September 2 and September 12th. The Venice Film Festival was born in 1932 as part of the Biennale Institute of Art in Venice Italy. The Venice International Film Festival enjoys the perfect solute of being the first-ever film festival. The 2020 Venice international film festival opened on September 2 with “Lacci” a Daniele Luchetti film. The Venice Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals in the world and many Experimental Films or armature films or Arthouse films are regularly showcased at the Venice International Film Festival.The Berlin International Film Festival is one of the three largest film festivals in the world and is typically scheduled to showcase its slate of films in February of each year. The Berlin International Film Festival was founded in 1951 so it is not the oldest of the major film festivals however it ranks as one of the best. The Berlinale is another name for the Berlin International Film Festival.

The Cannes International Film Festival is the third of the big three film festivals. The Cannes International Film Festival has normally held the first part of May in France. The first Cannes International Film Festival was held in 1938. The Cannes International Film Festival in 2020 was one of the first film events effected by the pandemic and was forced to close its doors. The Cannes International Film Festival awards were not given to any of the 2020 Indie filmmakers, but the best films were selected such as to reward them at future film festivals and film markets. Wes Anderson’s “The French Dispatch” was one of the films selected this year at The Cannes International Film Festival and most likely would have won a major award from The Cannes International Film Festival but was denied due to the Cannes International Film Festival shutdown. Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” was another large budge Experimental Film that would have won an award at the Cannes international film festival.

The American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica California is held in November of each year and is the largest Film Market in the world. Thousands of film professionals converge on the (AFM) American Film Market each year to wheel and deal for their prized indie movies. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 (AFM) American Film Market movie executives will buy and sell its film slate online. The (AFM) American Film Market also buys and sells television rights.

Art House Films: a cult following

The low-budget Art House films are indeed followed by relatively small groups of niche film fans. Our editorials under this section of our website discuss the types of films that make up Art House film, the production, distribution, and marketing of these films, and the movie lovers who follow these films. Per the definition of an editorial, these are just our perspectives.

As a newbie filmmaker in the process of developing my first film, I have chosen to go with a metaphysical theme about the spiritual world.  Yes, my film will be feast or famine as with most art-house movies, especially made by first-timers like myself.  And yes, I have confidence mine will rise above all the rest, as do the other 5000 first time filmmakers attempting to do the same thing. 

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Art House Films: a cult following

Changes in Hollywood latitudes: Virus

Espresso editors believe that the impact of COVID19 has produced such a huge effect on Hollywood that it warrants a dedicated page of opinions. Billy LAx and his writers explore the inner turmoil as well as some potentially innovative workarounds that may improve the industry.

Laid-off are the thousands of non-essential employees who worked behind the scenes and now collect the unemployment they earned. Or maybe that contract employee who was in between productions at the time of the pandemic and not eligible for unemployment compensation. Or that extremely nervous character actor who watches the phone not ring with those vital phone calls that put a rent check in the pocket.  

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Changes in Hollywood latitudes: Virus

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