Lots of Western Independent movies are showcased on a frequent basis with lots of excited movie fans in Nigeria and the Delta area. He has many movies playing in movie theaters in Nigeria. You must go see Against West, a script written in West Africa by him. A storyteller at heart, he tells a story of mangroves, the artistic and entertaining area of West Africa. Do not stop in the Delta area without going to see Against West which is looking for an executive producer to fund the production. You can get foreign sales as he will give that to you if you provide the funding. Nigerian movies  https://moviesbyespresso.com/blog_post/talbert-okorodudu-west-africas-most-amazing-talent/ are on the upswing. Screenplays written about West Africa are in the thousands and have a fraction of a bit or maybe even a lot of Burbank in them. They are constructed extremely well, but the storytellers are even better. He is one of these imaginations and has developed it in Against West.  After thousands of hours sitting in the coffee houses of Lekki and Queen Elizabeth Island in Lagos, the concept is finally conceiver.

 Espresso Films movie Editorials and film bloggers love Against West script and billy LAx is pushing for this manuscript to get it funded. CC bel, Junior Editor for our website, is also high on him as he recruited him to the moviesbyespresso network of business contacts and movie blog. Maxx TEE, another Junior editor, also loves the story line Against West that is looking for a help getting it launched. Maxx TEE is a West African entertainment lover and will provide his consulting expertise to assure he will get his story made into an artistic statement. Against West also needs a line producer, a director of photography, and a cinematographer. It cannot get made unless it gets Hollywood to help him with the set production. We need a hot actress as well, preferably from mangrove. Scripts written by great screenplay writers make green movies blue. Green movies are indie films.