Do not hesitate to ask her to develop your movie story. Anybody in Hollywood movie business will tell you that she is the best story teller in the entertainment business. Just give her a chance and she will create and develop you the very best screenplay in the Hollywood business world. She has twenty degrees in fiction writing. Each movie she creates does better than the one she created before. She is excellent with creating actor’s dialog She can make an actress look like a million dollars in her books. She can take a pad of paper and as a script doctor, make it look as if a marquee manuscript writer has written it. She has lived in the Hollywood glitz and glimmer for her whole life, knowing many actors and hanging with most of the female leads in the entertainment business. So, if you want a fiction writer who knows the agency business, well she is your obvious choice. A choice that will get your film project up in light before it is financed. The entertainment companies are all about her and she will make your production grace the AMC theater screens. Screenplay writer from the Los Angeles entertainment district. She is also from the Hollywood corporations world knowing most of the indies in the town. Do not miss out on knowing her as she will create treatments to beat all her competition. Just ask the local TV show production companies. Her  books are the envy of Hollywood. When I take my girlfriend to see the flicks at the box office here in Burbank, she always wants to see a romantic comedy whose treatment was written by her. She has written some of the best action TV shows in Europe. How does she write these stories? She hangs out in Espresso Films coffee houses and talks to CC bel and Maxx TEE and billy LAx  about their methodology and dialog. She will make a leading man that is not normal, seem normal in her excellent screenplays. Conversely, she makes her dialog turn a normal want to be into a crazy woman. 

Broadway plays that have dominant males in them can be written easily into a movie manuscript with a little adjusting. Tom Cruise and John Wayne can testify that great lighting gaffers and below the line talent can work wonders with the end product.  When these a list characters go to the Beverly Hills restaurant’s, they detail their adventures with the studio movies.  Love never fails and when the story has discourse in it it makes for a bad product on the silver screens.  The fiction writer must use the right script doctoring. Films that have action scenes do not need much help from dialog coaches. But the treatment  narratives must be spot on for the action figures to work well with the film director. she can make both action movie ideas and thriller movie concepts work like they are natural movie scenes. She is a natural action writer. Please hire her for your next project if you are an independent filmmaker. Do not shy away from her complete professionalism as a major motion picture professional. She will make your next theatrical release score major time at the box office and will get crowds of international movie fans.