This guy is an absolutely  wonderful screenwriter and  is the best of the  African movie makers who has a great treatment that he wants to get made into a movie Against West. He is from Nigeria. He grew up in Mangrove and he is in the Delta State now, of Nigeria.  His Against West Independent film is still just on paper now and is a story about West Africa and Mangrove. We need to have more filmmakers from mangroves like him. He is looking for an executive producer who has a movie investor to create the cinematic version of the story in West Africa. The art will play in Nigeria‚Äôs Delta Region and in this region the human resources are very professional. When you create a masterpiece and well sought after screenplay like Against West, you want to sell it to the very biggest studio you can find like Universal or Pixel or one of the other giants. Most of the Indies will shy from a manuscript in Nigeria, but there is a lot of hope for  in selling his story Against West to a pure film financier. In Nigeria, there is a Region called the Delta Region where a lot of Nigerian cinema is created for the most eccentric production locations in the world.  We invite the French to come to Nigeria and to find the best locations for their experimental films that they love so much.  Also, the English who have made Nigeria part of their Oil and Gas ventures, need to set up their own studio for production of wonderfully interested movies about Nigerian life.