What happens when an independent movie goes to the film market? International, as well as domestic film buyers, will bid on the rights to license the film and the dudes will agree on a movie distribution document. She will be one of the screenwriters and will then be produced by a movie production company. You as a professional below the line lover will work with her to make the best treatment money can buy. When it comes to creation, she is the best of the best fiction composers.  In the arena of agents working on high budget pictures such as Water World, we often wonder what they pay the singers in the motion picture. 

After all, they are usually considered of low consequence to the actual end product.  After all, who asks their names.   https://moviesbyespresso.com/blog_post/veronica-taylor-to-write-is-to-honor/ What do we do when artists in Orange county decide they want to get together and go out for lunch in the middle of a production shoot? We stop working and go with them and order all the steaks we can because they are paying for it.  Then we get in our Jeep Wranglers and head back to the offices in Beverly Hills.  That is a hard day’s work and we need our money for it.  Acting is more than a game. A guy or girl that wants that profession has to accept it is a way of life.  When fiction writing is the biggest concern to Hollywood Actors, then they come running to her as she is the best in the business. 

She can write Horror stories, romance stories or action thrillers better than anyone on Sunset Blvd.  Matt Daman is on his knees for her critical thinking.  They read the story lines and they practice the character lines of the script. Can you imagine a Hollywood blockbuster movie that does not have a screenplay?  Wow! another great flick on another great day.  What a production set set by a absolutely wonder fiction lover.