She is every bit as good of a fiction storyteller. She is also a script doctor, creating a magnificent rewrite of the original story. Don’t be dismayed if you are a film director and some movie producer has given you a bad piece of art on paper. As one of these poor, unfortunate suckers all you do is take your poorly written crap to her and she will turn it into a grade Hollywood screen play.

To start with writing a top-rated masterpiece, it would be nice to take some courses. You can take fiction composition in at one of the many colleges in the Los Angeles area like UCLA film school or Pasadena City college screenplay school. But you also can hire one of the many screen writers in Hollywood to tutor you on your writing methods. You can also hire her to give you instruction so you can sell your hard work to some poor unexpecting investor sap.  If you go to Los Angeles and frequent the coffee shops, you will find our Espresso Film blogger hard at work, composing her next movie treatment. She has many investors that hire her to create her cinematic art. If you want her to supply her fine skills to your vision of theater, you can surely hire her. It just takes about $100,000 to hire her for the six months to do your dirty work. She can envision movie scenes as no one else can. Then she eloquently translates them to step-by-step screen play instructions.  If she is on your team and you are the executive producer, you might be the owner of the next big independent film.