In the midst of the writing professionals swarming the Valley in Southern California and its entertainment corporations on every corner with the mega budget stories, lies a low keyed writer with a professional attitude that directors are on their knees to hire for their next flick.  I think she was involved with a situation involving a Navy Destroyer and the Navy was paying her for a promotional short.  Movie makers from all over the world participate in Film Festivals where they select the very best properties for awards.   I went to see a TV show at my pal’s last night and what do you know, she appeared on the Late Night Show with David Letterman.  And she always get her movie scripts awarded at the film festivals. Young entertainment professionals from Egypt, South Africa, France and elsewhere including Hollywood selects her fiction as gold awarded. Do not be understood for wrong, her compositions are of top-notched of all folks with a pen. She handles character dialog like no other in Los Angeles.

Her character dialog is superb. When she is around the business executives from the indies, she commands the movie production set. The players like Vincent Tarantino respect her to being of the best. Ultimate professionals are hard to come by and she belongs to Espresso Films bloggers and editorials. If you go to a festival like Sundance or the Santa Monica markets, you will find her books winning awards. She will mesmerize you with her story telling in such a way that you will never forget them.  You will go to sleep at night and dream about them and you will remember then for ever.  She will imagine all types of things and put them on her paper for you to read. She writes amazing romantic comedies and action movies. She will work with  cinematographers and film distributors and gaff and lighting professionals and set production staff.