Why are they good? Because each one makes a great movie. She is a great story teller that talks about Kevin Costner and Tom Hanks and Sylvester Stallone, and she talks about bad cops and good cops and all the great movie stories. Go eat the popcorn and watch your favorite actor light up the silver screen. Forevermore, will we be taking our girlfriends, who most are leading ladies, to see her favorite action thriller?

She will hug you while she is watching her favorite Hollywood star read from one of the great writer’s stories all dreamed up in their head. Exciting and thrilling are these tales.   https://moviesbyespresso.com/blog_post/veronica-taylor-writing-fiction-is-in-my-blood/  She does it again telling unbelievable stories in the realm of space no one can imagine from a composer who is outside the Hollywood mainstream.  To get this kind of story dreamed up, you would think you would have to go to a major agency like ICM or William Morris, but know, she is not attached to either of these agencies. 

Espresso Films has every intent to sign her to a nice contract because she is an amazing talent like the industry has never known.   The truth be told, she is one careful and expensive lady in which the whole of Southern California is looking to hire.  So rather it be to employ her as a school teacher to teach English or a bar tender, you had better grab her.

So be careful studios with your bragging about your screenwriters because we have her and her magic.  Love writing and Horror stories and all other stories you could imagine come from her head and her love for the cinema is next to none.  Movies will never be the same as this pen artist takes control of the indie film world.