In West Africa the indies thrive with the huge access to above the line talent that is seemingly endless as far as Nigeria, Ghana and the other areas of this part of the world.  This particular screenwriter is well versed in the skill of composition.  His treatments are masterpieces.  As a storyteller, he is supreme, making each story come alive in the natural life.  We need more like him in the US studios.  Coming West is his script and it tells about Mangrove, a part of South Africa with a lot of very good Artists. 

Do not distinguish between Nigerian independent films and those in Kenya or you will have made a massive error in African judgement.  The welfare of the moguls in Nigeria depend on fairness of the West African theater association. 

We do not love African Leading ladies for no reason, only because fiction writers have created their story telling adventures and put them on the theater screens.  So, if you are in Lagos or Ghana, please make sure you go to the mall where the box office hits are playing and see the Latest release of Rocky with Sylvester Stallone and Sling Blade.  Both low budget flicks that have made millions and you will be the best you can be after the show and before you go to bed with the starlets in your head.