Screenwriters are one of the most important elements of a movie. Writers come in a variety of tastes. Some do action movies, some do romantic comedies, some do thrillers and some do a mix and match of films. She is a top-ranked pen in Hollywood. She has created some of the best scripts in the entertainment industry. To hire this fiction developer is to hire perfection. Writing a new fiction is difficult. You have to do characterization of all the potential actors. Dialog in treatments is of utmost importance and She is the best at composing dialog. She can make a character in her  story a redneck, she can make her a princess, she can make her a working person from the Apple. Developing a treatment is very difficult and takes hundreds of hours to do. You can spend days on writer’s block, going nowhere with your book, or the words can flow. I believe it took Sylvester Stallone three days to create Rocky. It is hard to believe Sylvester Stallone was not only the author of one of the best movies ever but also the male lead of the year for the character Rocky that he portrayed. His fiction was complete and magnificent.  So if you want to go to the box office and see a Tom Hanks flick, well sit down and join the rest of the cinematic fans in the world.