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Inside the head of directors!!!

Published: Mar 21, 2021

Our “Inside the head of directors” explores the psychology of a few instances that makes a great director special. These artists obviously have emotional make-ups that allow them to visualize and express those visualizations in ways advantages to elicit the interest to his audience. billyLAx and his writers expound on these significant psychological advantages that make a director successful. Please add your comments to enhance our editorials.  


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“It is one of the few professions whose job it is, is to get into is customers’ private world and through visuals and audio of the film in a dark movie theater, take them into his world, generating feelings and fantasies to entertain them for an hour and a half.”


Billy LAx – Chief Editor

Film directors are in a unique position with their customers. Sometimes he endeavors to make a social-economical statement, sometimes it is to create the sadness of a divorce, sometimes it is to fear and elicit horror, sometimes it is to get you thinking about what happens when you die and on and on… Many different directors approach their craft from many different angles. However, each understands that the audience must be taken into a fantasy world and they must experience an emotional reality that keeps with them for a long time, else the film has failed in its intent.  

Many different directors approach their craft from many different angles. However, each understands that the audience must be taken into a fantasy world and they must experience an emotional reality that keeps with them for a long time, else the film has failed in its intent. Independent Art-House Film Directors are usually those that venture far into the metaphysical, into the realms that most of us would never think about going. The directors are normally in touch with their deep inner selves and express it with a range of audio-visual technics that may leave their audiences feeling rather ‘weird’ at the end. These directors can be in touch with psychics of a killer, a nymphomaniac, the paranormal, demons, or addictions. These are the directors that normally win awards at most of the Festivals and Markets.



Quinten Tarantino is a perfect illustration of an Art House director. However, Tarantino is a bit different from most of history’s Art House directors in that his main object is not about eliciting ‘feelings’ form his audience, but to get his point across by the use of audio/visuals that have deeper meanings than the obvious. Each experience that Tarantino puts for is well thought out and has a deep significance in Tarantino’s expressions. An example is in Tarantino’s massively violent 1992 Reservoir Dogs. This quirky Tarantino Film was about six criminals who were organized for a bank heist whose names were made up so they would not know each other: Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Brown The film was massively violent for quirky violence.   

One of the most famous shots, still spoofed today, is the scene of all six walking the walk saying nothing with expressions on each of their faces telling us “okay, we are done!” The scene speaks volumes in typical Tarantino fashion. Another well knows contemporary director who uses his deep metaphysical intellect to make his films is Christopher Nolan. Nolan’s first picture that propelled him to fame was Memento, then he made the large budget film, Insomnia, and this year (2020) his film Tenet, a fantasy spy thriller, was selected to be badged at Cannes. 


Tenet takes the audience through an illusion of a dreamy story about the star, played by John David Washington, saving the earth from annihilation. Nolan’s style takes his audience into their memories and forces them to explore their physics. He makes movies about obsessive people and he is rather a zealot himself.
For example, in Tenet, the characters wear masks from one end of the movie to the other end. The story itself does not need masks, but this is certainly a way for Nolan to get into the audience’s mine on the deep significance of covering the character’s faces.

Maxx TEE – Content Writer

Being a future Indie Director, and putting together my first Art House Film, I take every chance I get to experience life in the metaphysical, the spiritual and the weird. No drugs for me, but some of the Hollywood parties my “eccentric” friends take me to, must be generated by the “less than sane” of this crazy town. Many of my friends live Hollywood on the edge and I love to get the invites to some of their crazy parties usually held in places that are a challenge for anyone outside of the group to get caught. Do not get me wrong, these are not the only Hollywood parties I go to, but they are the ones that mould that “Art House” brain of mine.

Last weekend, we got word of a party downtown Los Angeles. I will not disclose exactly where, but it was on a top-level floor of a building that was an old, dilapidated office building with no other apartments in the building. Jake, our connection to the party, led us into the realm of the homeless where there was a security guard at the entrance of the building. Upon Jake giving the guard a verbal code, he opened the door and we headed to an old elevator. We got in and Jake hit the floor number. Up we went in the noisiest, slowest elevator you could imagine. The door opened to steel music blasting through an open door with massive leather-bound parties drinking and smoking something standing in the hall moving in and out of the room. A girl was laying in the hall drunk with a couple of her friends standing over her, protecting her. Inside the room, was dark with the exception of black lights with partiers laughing and shouting their points at each other due to the loud music coming from a band at the back of the room. There were couches and chairs filled with couples kissing making out and… well that is beyond the scope of this report. My eye caught the face of a girl that was looking directly at me. She was hot with tats covering more of her body than not. She had a nose pierce and multiple piercings in her ears. Her hair was dyed green and blue. Just my type, at least for the night. Her name was Stevie. Stevie and I partied all night long, fell asleep with each other, totally smashed. The next thing I knew, CC was shaking me to wake up to a completely obliterated room and it was daylight. Stevie was gone. CC, Jake, and the rest of our pals will not be forgetting that party for a while and it has got a place in my screenplay. Now multiply that by a hundred different experiences and that is where my concepts come from.

After studying many directors, especially those that do “Art House” Indies, I come to the conclusion that they are obsessed with the “out of the norm.” The killer, the sexually deviant, the emotional destroyed, the psychopath, the nymphomaniac. They understand the crossdresser and the gay and lesbian and many feels to normalize it. I personally was not born to do this. I have had to take lessons from my acting pals and internalize it. I have found that you first start to force yourself into the emotional realms and believe things you did not believe before, and soon your mind starts to adapt and you become what you were previously were forcing yourself to do. Your attitude changes, your paradigm changes, your mind changes. You talk differently, you act differently. You become someone else essentially.

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