The indie movie promotions on the internet should be done on sites such as YouTube.  There are other sites and as a matter of fact, our site moviesbyespresso will showcase these small productions in the very new future, but you must go to the big boys right now.  But if you are a screenplay writer there is no other place that quite matches the current showcasing of YouTube.  We will express our interest in Vimeo too as it is an excellent platform to get your first digital film out.  Action Thrillers particularly go well on this platform as the fans flock to these video shot trailers to find the best ones and often participate in the Likes to tell the digital marketers all they need to know about the film marketing potentials.  Espresso films has great YouTube film promotion skills. The entertainment company also does Actor promotions with other social media such as Facebook. To promote an actress on Twitter it takes a dedicated and skilled Facebook social media expert which we have. We can also promote independent movies on Instagram.  In the wake of the COVID problem, our productions slid off in 2020 but now in 2022 it seems we are back in the swing of things with each and every indie film at the best of the productions that the entertainment industry has ever seen. Movies by Espresso can promote flicks on Twitter. The organization can promote movies on Tic Toc.  When we find an influencer such as what come through the business network yesterday, we will encourage her to blog and and create eight to ten online pages to promote her name to the industry.  Striving to be the best is necessary if you are the best in your entertainment profession and many of our bloggers do just that.  Cinematographers will practice their closeups and wide angle shots on a continuous basis becoming some of the best in the industry.  Movie promotion can come in many forms such as the internet, print, the Hollywood Reporter for an example can be used for exposure and quite frequently is. Twitter bloggers can do Movie exposure too. Indie movie promotion is billy LAx’s thing.  Promotion of the business connection membership  is a skill of our digital marketers CC bel and Maxx TEE.  These to guys are guru’s of digital media and Search Engine Optimization methods especially structured to the cinema crowd.   Movies by Espresso marketing is in-depth, using such skills as cinematography to enhance its internet marketing skills on such sites as YouTube.  An indie movie that is promoted online will be the talk of the Hollywood Heavyweights. We do not make things complicated, actually we make cinema folks easily understood as far as their wants and needs in their specific careers.  They absolutely deserve the best entertainment marketers and promoters and we will give them that.  The Grammy award winners will necessarily choose the best international recording artist to star in the next studio flick that they are associated with.  Novel writers will then make the very best manuscript they can think of over the feature produced by these superstars.