Entertainment issues are represented in Espresso Films’ editorial section of the website designed to promote indie film producers and directors. We  cannot deny our destiny in creating the most sought-after movie promotion in the world. Our corporate exposure is next to none. We have celerity editorials as well as documentaries on how to produce movies and how Hollywood business really works.  It is tough to believe people actually live in Hollywood.  What a crap place.  Filled with violence and malice and drugs.

One the the most fascinating international film sales facts is that the continent of Africa buys more product than anywhere else in the world.  Even the Chinese kung-foo movies sell like hotcakes in Africa.  In Lagos, down in the mall, the fans go crazy.  First time I have ever seen popcorn with sugar in it at the concessions was in Lagos.  The Ghana filmmakers are the best in the world creating box office masterpieces on every corner of Accra.  We have several bloggers from Africa that are TV show professionals.  The studios have their own production resources capable of making the whole productions within the confines of the studio facilities. The other flip of the coin are those companies who piece-meal outside, production contributor resources together to make the movie outside of the film studio confines. To create an motion picture is not the easiest thing in the world to do. It takes a great deal of skill a studio producer does not have, and the skill set is only with an indie film producer.  Theater makers are a different breed of professionals, often having to fight their way to the top of the corporate entertainment competition mountain of influencers. Mind you, anyone can call himself a screenwriter, but not everyone can be a successful makeup artist. We create art-house flicks, often called guerrilla films, from the basement of film school parent’s houses, often financing these shorts with credit cards. It is exciting when a bunch of close film school college friends gets together before Industry pollutes them and their entertainment business ethics, to create wonderful micro-budget shorts. The French Riviera Film Festival will be coming up in June and we will be headed there to market our member’s movies that they have given to Movies by Espresso and have entrusted us to represent them so completely and fully.  Our dominating documentary will be Pauli Murray and we will also be representing a collection of Blu-Ray with old western flicks that usually only garnish American audiences.  But now, thanks to our international digital arm of our company, billy LAx will showcase all different types of American made art including R&B stars and they rap and blues music.   Grammy award gold mentalists will have nothing on our members this year at the New York film festival.  So, if you have an indie film and you are a member of Espresso Films, well you will be along side the Hollywood Heavyweights and rubbing arms with Marvel Studios executives at each and every step of the film’s international marketing efforts.  Time to Die James Bond movie will be part of what we are showcasing and our bloggers will be introduced to some of the highest level executive producers in the business.  Our male leads will be represented by the largest talent agents in Hollywood including the William Morris company.