Wonderful cinematic art filled pictures are produced and directed by the thousands.  But crap that is not produced by Hollywood Studios. Investing in entertainment vehicles is a huge thing in the world of the independent movie. They are art-house investments that are done by financiers. Together, they make up way better entertainment than going to see the Tigers play the Dodgers or maybe fishing in the Pacific Ocean except that if you go fishing, you might be able to meet the guys who made the 70s million dollar release Jaws.  There are a lot of good classics over the years and Jaws was definitely one. It was extremely profitable too, shot on a shoe-string budget with a no name male lead.  The guy who came up with that investment was rich a long time ago and keeps getting more rich as that movie is still watched all over the world. Rocky with Sylvester Stallone had to be my most favorite Theater Release.  When an anthology film is formulated with an anti-climax theme the indie film director is the major source of management seeing that the above the line gets on set and motivated to deliver the lines necessary for the screenplay transition to the feature that excites the box office fans.  When a traditional hero in a action thriller finds that the leading lady is in to deep to create the sort of character she needs to create on the production set, then the below the line professionals will need to get more of the dressing room trailers to the shot location so the wide angle camera shots will be more in focus and the movie will be one of the best made by the Hollywood heavyweights.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a animated film created by one of the largest studios in Hollywood.  The VFX and CGI were next to none and the cinematography was superb.  Cyberpunk movies produced the feature and the cast was meant to work on it from the cosmos. 

There are lots of winner investment in the movie industry and Rocky and Jaws were good movies at making somebody a lot of Loot. These flicks did not cost much as a studio movie, they did not have blockbuster stars in them, but they were great to watch. When you produce an independent movie, you are nearly totally free to produce, direct and write any type of art you want to produce. Another winner at the box office was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator.  We went to see the Terminator in Northern Michigan at the Copper Harbor Movie theater.  It is way up past Michigan Technological University and believe it or not, we get some celebrities visiting us up in the cold.  And more than Michael Moore.  I would just as soon as he stay home anyway.