When Studio movies are made, over a hundred million dollars can be spent, much of it going to A List Actors or A List Actresses, also A list Directors, and it can make for a risky movie financial exposure.  Ask Kevin Costner with the big budget bust Water world.  It put a tailspin on Kevin Costner’s career.  But most of the time theater releases and male leads normally bring in a safe return for the companies.  Obviously, they do, or you wouldn’t have continuing success of Disney, Universal and MGM.  These big budget studio movies were made by huge actors and actresses like Schwarzenegger Sly or Stallone, Steven Seagal, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other actors.  Movie financing for these flicks were usually supplied by the corporations, or called studio financed movies.  big budget independent films have a narrow selection of movie directors.   The corporate investment does not have much of a risk appetite.   But business financing of big budget motion pictures is easy, once you get the studio executives to agree.  The 2022 festivals should be super exciting with great movies starting with The Power of a Dog and lets not overlook King Richard.  You have a major theater release, all foreign film distribution, and domestic film venue releases and the funding to make the cinematic art, all within one organization.  Disney is one of the Largest Motion Picture companies in the world.  It started in the 1930s with Walt Disney who created animated cartoons such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck for lots of movie goers.  Now this same company has created a monster theme park called Disney Land in Orange County California as will as another massive huge theme park in Orlando Florida.  Pixel are the most profitable in Hollywood, the City of Glitz drawing Huge Box office hits year after year. In the start of 2022 the New York Film Festival is looking like the art-house industry leader of cinematic gifts from Hollywood Heavyweights.  We have a host of creative artists developing anti-climax flicks that will be the envy of the theatrical independent films releases that will resonate in and out of the international experimental film world.  We have cameras with  full aperture shots of wide angles within the production stages of the news worthy entertainment world.  If you happen to see a great studio flick, you might want to consider Breaking Bad created by Walter While.