It would have been a quirky Romantic Comedy if it had been made into a movie. Pasadena Films would have distributed the film. But it was not shot on 35 mm film by, or any other type of film nor was it shot on video. Of course, high-tech film cameras were not around in the 90s. In those days, independent film was shot on 16 mm film and mega-budget flicks were shot on 35 mm film. movie technology has come a long way in the last fifty years.  We use to create great features like Cyberpunk movies which were a film art form in and of themselves.  Each character was carefully molded to work perfectly together with all the surrounding cast in an equilibrium never before scene in the Hollywood heavyweight class. High tech film cameras are no longer photography but video cameras as most of the television world shoot their two-hour motion pictures on video nowadays. But only twenty years ago, in the 90s, a studio motion picture was shot on 16 mm film leaving a grainy movie for movie fans. But b movies were the only features to be shot on video as the large budget pictures were shot on 35 mm. Hence, a list of actors like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Tom Hanks were all shot with Kodak. This left small actors like William Smith and Tommy Bull to be shot on 16 mm.   Back in the day of independent film which has pasted and went to the new digital media times, we have shot angle on scenes with the best of the film camera.  These days has as good of resolution as the major pictures because there is not much of a difference between Director of Photography between either piece of art. In about 2005 we started streaming two-hour motion pictures. At this time in the development of the nation of foreign cinema, entertainment companies like HBO and Showtime were major producers of these micro-budget shows, because they could distribute internationally through the cable system.  If the special effects were in the ball park of the investment of the asset, then the action would be on par with the bigger motion pictures ever shot.   Cable operators were playing a huge role in the industry and still do today.  But in the end, the independent film Lion King spoke to the world and demanded world wide movie fan excitement.  Foreign sales were through the roof creating more love and passion for the entertainment industry then ever seen before.  The IMAX from all over the US were filled to the max and we show the iconic figures of the movie in each and every grade school to the adoring young kids.  Not since batman and robin of the sixties has the kids talked so much of a form of entertainment.  Sure it was a TV show back then but what is the real difference.