In the indie films business, there are lots of rotten movie investors looking to take advantage of young and willing actresses who go on casting calls and will do anything to get the leading lady role.  It is only right and just to send these rotting eggs to prison in Universal Studios stage sets.  However, there are a rules that California has for executive film producers stopping such punishment by the movie fans.  Oh wait, that is one of billy LAx’s homes. billy LAx is high on Michigan’s production resources and has special friends like Michael Moore who directs his independent movie right there in Saginaw Michigan. Then there is Claire Michigan with all of its 1500 residents, but half are Espresso Films, editorial readers.  Just binge watch Netflix for the next three weeks and you will be ready to watch Jack Lemon and one flew over the cookoo nest.  Or go to Beaverton Michigan and visit the movie theater on Saginaw street and get your fix of boring.

The Claire folks certainly know how to open their computers to moviesbyespresso and they know their favorite scarlets and actors from reading Maxx TEE film reports. They also know who’s who in the television business. billy LAx lives in Pasadena Texas and his family, Maxx TEE, and CC bel live on the moon or think they do.  This is because shooting cinematic creations on the moon would be challenging and the two boys get into the most difficult type of independent movie digital marketing there is, as long as it leads to making Word Press Websites.  We are about to SEO the site and everyone from the company is very busy chasing website traffic to each page we have designated as necessary for revenue to flow from Google advertisements.  We find our efforts to assure the right type of traffic, which is defined as US and Canadian movie traffic as extremely important as that type of traffic will stay for long times on the site. 

They will eventually click through a Google Ad and we will make revenue for being in the independent movie digital marketing.  Hard to make money doing this for a living but this is one way.  So, the bottom line for billy LAx, screenwriter, is that he finally gets to sell his art and make some money.  Actors have got a lot to learn if they think the only way to make money is in  Feature Film.  The social media exploits are way more lucrative these  days and Donna Hemming way,  a list actress had better figure out the production set is not the place for a leading lady anymore.  An Independent movie is a cinematic creation developed outside the studio financing and distribution arm.  Each part of it is a stage set in and of itself.