These indie films are about romantic comedies with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.  In a realm of not being aware of what we have saw at the last TV show that we watched with our significant other, we do not rule out going to Tinsel Town and seeing comedy shows at the Ice House.  A huge group of Hollywood Heavyweights from the studios came to me last night with the cast of MASH and they wanted to know if I knew Radar O’Riley and I said no, but I did know Clinger.  They are about action movies with Steven Segal and Sylvester Stallone, they are about suspense independent films with Leo, and they are about sad movies with Matt Daman, and they are about slapstick comedy with Jim Carey. It is a robust amount of  entertainment loves.  Has anyone seen Leave it to Wally  reruns on NBC in the last week?  Ward is the old man and dead now, how do you think Beaver feels about that?  No big deal since Ward cleaver was not his real father but still, the guy you made your fame on can’t be all that good.

These wonderful times in our lives when we can remember the stories with our love lives or maybe our they relate to our brothers and sisters will bring independent films box office receipts to the richest of all of us in the world. Espresso Films bloggers are the best reporting mechanism for there is.   Our Junior Editor Maxx TEE blogs about the past and present crazes of the general public looking for that thing that is missing from their lives;  that thing that can change the course of where they are going.  CC bel compiles great narratives in his independent films editorials which can range from suspense stories to the original Beverly Hill Bellies. But in the scope of Movies by Espresso, we cannot start to imagine what is going on in CC bel’s chat session with some of these actresses he is talking to.  His girlfriend who is  Max TEE’s lead female, is non to happy with this  either.  Go to West Hollywood and you will find dark bars where the filmmakers make a home and do back of the napkin production plans with movie investors all night long.   Billy LAx is the leader of this pack of wolves speaking of wolves, let’s talk about Kevin Costner’s dancing with wolves a full-length major production guaranteeing film fans entertainment for the ages unless you are in to developing independent films hoaxes.   Kevin Costner wrestled with one of these wild wolves from the forest of Minnesota and beat that dog senseless with a hard right hook like he was fighting Mike Tyson.

Okay so I am being hilarious but in all seriousness, who would have thought Tyson would come back in fighting at 50 years old and even more of a surprise, how he could be a marquee actor.