We had a small theater in the middle of Hancock, a city on the other side of the bridge. The cinema in Hancock always had a Radio playing in it. We saw the independent movie Midnight at the Lagoon with Brooke Shields and that was back in the day when chicks were not as beautiful as Brooke Shields took all of the guys’ hearts. She was an absolute killer in the bus. Little towns like Houghton Michigan were absolute musts for guys to go to because they all had those small hole in the walls in which the hippies played their guitars. But Copper Harbor was even better for the Wisconsin native in hailing the very best snowballs in the world. International travelers would be jealous of Copper Harbor because they not only had great fish from Lake Superior.

They had thousands of Michigan Tech students that would go up there just for entertainment. Mad Maxx TEE movies play all the time up at Copper Harbor. It was crazy as the college kids sneak beer into the theater and eat popcorn from the concession stand making the owner rich as they watched with glee the horror Midnight on Elm Street indie film.  A Hollywood starlet like Roseanne would show up frequently  in Copper Harbor just to give the kids a thrill and she gave out  autographs as they watched them make an dog created by a local bar owner most likely from Hancock. When I was in St Ignace Michigan a month ago, I got a wonderful idea of creating a Mackinaw Island Film Festival. Think of the impact it would make on moviesbyespresso website.  But in any case, go to Clare Michigan and you will not find a movie theater in town, even though you got tons  of Matt Daman fans all out in the barnyards.  But if you go down Hwy 10, you will find a murder mystery looking to be shot in the old farm house on the top of the hill.

The visionary board of Michigan would put that to the Detroit Free Press Independent movie. Then I went back to Mt Pleasant Michigan where Central Michigan University is and the school has a Drama school right there on campus. I advertised our company to the alumni at Central Michigan University and they were very interested in my idea of creating a studio right there in Homer Township. A mogul right in Midland Michigan, can you imagine.  In the old TV show, I dream of Jeanie, Barbara Eden did a wonderful job exciting all the kids in Bullock Creek where I grew up.  How about Sea Hunt with Bridges and then there was his kid Jeff Bridges who became one of the biggest film stars in Hollywood.   We would binge watch Wagon Train with Clint Eastwood and never get enough that independent movie.