They were shot in Washington DC even though John F Kennedy had his Director of Photography and in Dallas with Lee Harvey Oswald. They shot a documentary on the Kennedy plot. Espresso independent films editorials and movie blogs will create a very informed audience as we go into the production of our new company headquarters.  billy LAx is hallucinating more and more each day about the stupendous arrangement of Maxx TEE, the junior editor, and the great and wonderous CC bel the second junior digital marketer describing the most tolerable films in 2021. Maxx TEE will be a billy LAx follower to the head of the company unless CC bel moves up his game at the digital marketing aspect of his game.

The products deserves everything they can get from CC bel, so he had better do a bit better. He is recruiting blogger Veronica Taylor very well though. Together they can create a very nice report. We can hardly wait to see screenplay writer and movie blogger Talbert get out on his latest book Against West that he is requesting  financing to create a masterpiece of art with. Each and every time his informative self-describing narrative telling us all about his life and what led him into the career path he is on is told, we are astounded.  If you go to downtown Springfield Missouri, you will find a square and in the middle of the square is a museum made from an old Theater that once showcased the old-time classics of the 50s.   What a pleasure it must have been for the age-old movie fans to get to see John Wayne and Humphrey Bowguard in time travel.

Then in the 80s, our cinema in Springfield went to Television when cable operators invited HBO and Showtime as well as companies like Blockbuster sold their rights to the public through media that was new for the time. We use to watch Garth Brooks the Country and Western  independent films star showcase his wonderful Tear in the Beer record through music venues.  They are on the Television, HBO, and CNN, when I wake up in the morning and those same music shows are on when I go to bed at night. If we treasure the assets like we say we do, you know, walk-in line with what we are saying, then CC bel will forever love him.  We will always remember the skillet film stars like the Marx brothers and Charlie Chan.   How about the little rascals and Maw and Paw Kettle.  Those were the days when we would appreciate a wooden nickel that they charged to get into the theater in the town square in Nebraska.  That time in our entertainment life is over and now we are struggling to find 25 dollars to take your wife to see some perverted art-house that will never be shown in the AMC theaters that are now owned by the major film distributors on the West end of Los Angeles Universal Studios.  So in the scope of the two hour pictures that directors now create in the pits of Hollwood, we will always treasure the independent films that are showcased throughout the valley.