In creating this website, we had to get on Twitter and blog the thing with entertainment type tweets  We picked Kanai West because he was the hottest celebrity starring in the independent movies out there and because Donald Trump was a big fan of his.  He is in music and we are in movies but that was close enough for Maxx TEE to follow him.  We find that creating a following for our organization, Movies by Espresso is long and difficult process as it requires two large Linkedin networks, one for CC bel and another for Maxx TEE. 

billy LAx also has a large network but it is for Indian Software programmers, not entertainment focused people.  We also have two large Facebook networks, again one for each of the two digital marketers.  We will create film related Facebook pages, one for Maxx TEE and a backup for CC bel.  We may also create a Facebook network for billy LAx, but that is down the road.  We also have a growing Instagram account for Maxx TEE.  We started this website, moviesbyespresso with a Word Press site and we instantly got destroyed by a human virus.  It was the guy who gave us a free template that did not wind up being as free as the name implied.  The second time, a bot got us through most likely a plugin. 

So now we have thirty blogs from our members who are mostly filmmakers or take-offs of the profession and we are growing all  the time.  This document, for example is a SEO document which enhances the home page.  We are excited about helping our filmmaker members with our newly designed promotion site.  Sign up today with an introduction blog cinematographers in love with the nasty independent movies business.  Does anyone remember how funny Bill Murry was in his movies he made back in the 80s. I remember one he made about the army and a tank.  He just made another funny comedy in 2021 about a newspaper reporter in France that did very well at the box office, but Bill is getting old and will not last to much longer.  It is a good idea to enjoy these old actors while we can because soon, they will only be memories we have on our 8 track videos shown on our black and white analog televisions.  Titanic was the massive ship that went down in the 30s which was deemed unsinkable and the same ship that Leo made his mega budget film in about 2000.  The indies were really sad to see this.