Just here it from this rudimentary point, billy LAx is a screenplay writer and has created many an independent movie, way more than CC bel and Maxx TEE has directed together. So, if you want to see a micro-budget, there is an art-house on Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica. You can get in line with all the other dudes to see the loss of the dungeon and its sleek moon now playing 24 hours a day and the Starlight Theater.

We are now completing the last 1000 words of the Espresso Films movie editorial and movie blog number 6 pyramid. This ought to cause lots of movie fans to surf moviesbyespresso and we will garnish lots of promotion for our members, each with their own to promote. We can adjust the schedule of the industry. The production companies we deal with are actually are distinct and separate arms of Disney.  We are determined to represent his member professionals as needed to assure their assets are protected and the business network that he is so proud to represent is protected from the fraud that runs rampant in Beverly Hills. Maxx TEE our junior blog master will be the cinematographer over his first dance in the industry in 2022.  I was in Bakersfield California in August of 2018 when at California State Bakersfield drama school, I meant the student that really took me back.  She was simply beautiful with nice long brown hair and a smile that would light up all of Bakersfield.  She was going to be a cinematographer.  He is also our  video editor.  I once was at Michigan Technological University in Houghton Michigan and we had a midnight flick in Hancock that we use to go on Saturday night to watch the great classics at.  We did not have, at that time, the cable TV we have today but TV was way more exciting with MASH and Cheers and such being the talk of the town. 

I remember the old Saturday night live with Bill Murray and Chevy Chase leading the pack of independent movie comedians.  To much TV was not good, so we use to have beer parties, being the nations number one beer drinking school.  I remember one party  we had, I counted 25 empty kegs behind the house.  Also, another old great was Tim Conway  who did a few two hour feature films back in the old days but just after Elvis’s 1950s beach boy films.  The new actors are not as good as like Steven Baldwin thinks we have to vote who he  tells us to vote for.  Go back to Saturday Night Live, Steven.  The love of the cinema is in every household in America today and for that matter in Europe and Asia too.  Our Hollywood Heavyweights have trumped the world with the theaters.  We have not used up our artistic cravings by going to the art-house but we will forever move in the system of celebrities and film directors who create masterpieces in the drama classes on each campus world-wide to the streets of Sunset Blvd.  But the independent movie lovers will always be here.