I think it is in equilibrium with situations beyond the control of male leads and West Hollywood production companies within independent films corporate networks. It is ironic when physio sematic well-wishers take baths with each other while watching thriller movies and doing cartwheels in the gymnasium during recess. Due to the complicity of regional film directors as well as stunt doubles, the entertainment business is not looking like it will survive the next Terminator. We regret to tell you about this sad case in corporate America at the current time. It will stick with us for an indefinite period or until the guys running the joint find a way to get us back into the limelight with the screenwriters, we have all over the West Hollywood business center. The producer’s guild is also caught in the middle of this entertainment living nightmare  on each corner wanting to get their names out there and should be maximized to the next corporate business meeting the filmmakers have in common.   If Robert Redford, who runs the Sundance Film festival, ever goes to the American Film Market or the AFM, he will find the same cast of lunatic independent films misfits they make the business the ridiculous enterprise it is. We are incapable and incompatible with most, mainly because they are childlike creatures who deserve to be in the mental institutions as much as Ted Bundy ever thought of the need as with Jack Lemon in one flew over the cuckoo nest which was established in the 70s.  But when the big boys say do it, that means we get off the horse and get the distribution deal done.  But you will never stop thinking about Leo and his movies that stole the hearts of the movie fans all over the world.  Even international moviegoers would line up for miles to see his movies as he was co-starring with the biggest actresses in the Hollywood Studio System.  The huge vastness of Leo and Chevy Chase is next to none as they have both played in the best cinema in the world.  We can only wish to be part of the Film Festivals that are in the existence of the stunt man and the makeup artist.  Today, our independent films will be in movie distribution networks soon.