The last day at dawn and a bird does not chirp, are both independent movies directed by Maxx TEE and are also playing in Winchester County New York. Get your tickets now folks so you can see what comes out of the mind of screenwriter Maxx TEE for his latest thriller. Please don’t pick the daisies don’t fly for it is another chick flick that drives the women crazy. It is a love story that Maxx was only the script doctor on.

The story telling was excellent though, telling about a guy that was an idiot and dumped his girlfriend. We need to take this cinema art seriously as when we talk to the main stream media at Fox and such we do not get serious responses. It is a cinematographer’s work of art. The video editing is great, and we cut point where it needs cut during the indie film’s production for it to come outright. We have Espresso Films movie editorial and film blog to write about this masterpiece.  Fishing with worms is better than fishing with bait. If you ask Dan Walker of Fish tank you will find he gave a great cinematic review to the Detroit Free press.

The industry really loves Fish Master and will continue to gloat over the benefits and fishing with worms. The time comes when we need to go to the cinema. Kristen Sinema from Arizona that is. I will take Kristen to see Swing Blade and many more dark corners of life if she wants. She is probably hunkered down in Phoenix right now, watching this voter count play out not exactly the way she wants it to. Got up this morning in Terra Haute and went to the coffee house on Wabash to see what small Television shows were playing in the independent movies world.  But when it comes to mega busts, you have to see CC bel’s Don’t Kiss a Bank Robber, his idea of a comedy.  It ain’t funny CC bel.  The romantic comedy movie fans want CC bel to stick with stuff he knows best like action movies.  And so does Eddie Murry from the old Saturday Night live who has got to be the funniest guy in the movies ever.  I will say this, Steve Martin in Planes Trains and Automobiles was a close second.  Do you remember the dynamics with John Candy and Steve Martin?  Funny hu?  How about when they started singing the Fred Flintstone theme song.  Barney and Betty and bam bam and Wilma had to be turning over in their graves.  They actually made a series of Fred Flintstone Independent movies back in the 90s.  They were truly the pride of Bedrock and made their cult like fans, most of which are in their late 60s now, truly happy.  Then there was Steve Martin in the Jerk which had to be the funniest comedy he ever put out.  The stunt doubles had to be falling off their director chairs watching that.  I was born a poor black boy line that character delivered will be remembered for ever.  I am surprised Hollywood heavyweights let that go because of the language it used which seems like it would have started a riot.