At Espresso Films, billy LAx will charge grapes for his movie blogs for the Independent movie that he really loves.  He is the general in charge of Maxx TEE as well as the winner CC bel.  He and his pal will fight all the time over who is the best storyteller. He points to his first chance to move into a real job out of high school and it was a nice situation as McDonalds treated him well, giving him a raise every month because he was the best burger flipper in West Los Angeles.   

A loose cousin of billy LAx which is on Wilshire Blvd near Westwood argues he is the best storyteller between at UCLA and that includes the drama school. Billy LAx says that they need to duke it out and the last man standing wins the storytelling championship however when CC bel convinced the two that they should leave it to him to decide so in the end, cooler heads prevailed.  But we continue to chase our life’s work with donkeys down the San Gabriel mountains.  This was a great book written by a novelist called Edgar Allen Poe back in the 1700s.   It was made into a play and shown in December of 2020 at the Pasadena Playhouse near Colorado.  We scene the show and then afterword, went to sushi.  The actors in the play did a phenomenal job.

They knew their independent movie characters and new more than just their lines; they  knew how to make the audience feel their scene.  We were crying after the last act.  But then we went to the art-house next door and saw, to slay a beast, with Margret Taylor lead female.  It was not good and the movie fans were lost half way through it.  I don’t think they were actually a good set of audience for the arthouse. The Hollywood movie scene that shoots films all over Los Angeles each day is in trouble from actors who are always unemployed and never can get jobs.  These movie production sets are moved from one end to the other end created Studio huge budget movies.  The directors that motivate these leading ladies are enjoying themselves to whatever we can wrap our minds around.  Say a movie like Olivia Newton John made with John Travolta, the dance move what ever that was called, is an example of the vastness of the Hollywood Heavyweights in the mid stream of America.  The independent movie will surely be a corner stone of the thought of guys like Kevin Costner and Dances With Wolves.