CC bel is putting together a Sundance film festival award-winning movie called Manny goes to heaven. What a winner Manny goes to heaven will be is a fan favorite. We here at Espresso Films are proud as a peacock to have CC bel as part and parcel of our organization of analyzing the independent films for 2021. He also is our digital marketer with a significant LinkedIn network used to recruit movie makers to blog on our site moviesbyespresso. We have some great leading ladies in Altadena creating the best product in Los Angeles.

These chicks are led by Maxx TEE our first-time digital marketer creating his first website under the umbrella of billy LAx the MD for our company.   Maxx TEE is also an investor and has provided finance to a lot of assets. His favorite  finance projects are action-thriller so all you guys out there that have a book that we can do, call us.  We here at the company can’t be more thrilled and higher on our achievements of finding the two of our own to succeed past our wildest dreams. We love to go to Russia to see the Russian dreams. The Russian flicks do not speak English.

These foreign speaking independent films dubbed, but they are filled with action-packed scenes, and we are amazed at how watching entertainment in Russia is nearly the same as watching it in San Diego.  Anywhere you go in Eastern Europe, the old fashion national films that Germany created in the 30s are a big hit.  Even in the farthest north where the Russian Eskimos live, these classic Russian stories are told and loved on a continuous basis to the old and young alike.  Be that as it may, the cameras used in the newest TV shows are digital and the video editors needed to operate these cameras need to be extremely knowledgeable in cinematography.  We have several videographers as part of Movies By Espresso, all experts in their fields.  billy LAx has checked them out as responsible below the line workers for the sake of  Espresso Films to recommend to its show business customers.  These customers come from all over the entertainment business from the largest Studio’s out there with huge post production facilities and theme parks like Disney in Orange county, to the independent films businesses that transverse all the way  through Hollywood.