The imagination of the cinematographer and casting agent went wild as they played hopscotch and did deep water diving to reach the other end of the lake in the gut-wrenching full-length independent movie motion picture . Would you be pink and yellow and red at the same time? Well, that is what you would crave to be if you were Will Smith making all his success.

The wealth of the wonders of the world are in the corporations. Like most fools that crave ice cream, we at Espresso Films movie editorials love our flicks and the film festivals that create the great Michigan players in football like John Smith. I am looking at CVS pharmacy right now in Columbia Missouri and alongside this pharmacy is a car that has been in an accident with a lighting post.   The arthouse in downtown Fort Worth now has a great artistic showing put on by a special guy from Texas Tech drama school and is called Saving Grace . Of course, this little, tiny micro-budget film has lines of groupies outside trying to get a look at the actors who are sitting around the set and signing autographs.  Roseanne Barr was a beauty in her time and was great when she played with Don Johnson in Leaving Los Vegas.  We have been in Nevada when the independent movie Sundance Film Festival project was being created and we could not believe all the acts in the town that uses a lot of the same things building of the set used.  In the event of loosing the production budget, we have a backup due to all the gamblers that are the exact type to invest into film.  In the San Fernando Valley, there are lots of bars that movie investors hang out in to talk about their deals that they will never do because in the end, they are smart.  Never finance a Hollywood prodcution.

These gamblers usually put their money in real estate or some other investment that all the brokers have running around Vegas with their deals.  But some of them have movie deals and Vegas is an excellent place to get your Hollywood deal done.  The show buzz guru of West Hollywood, Steven Segal is now the leading man of his own studio in Russia.  Moscow Steve as we call him will be the leading man in his multiple cinematic productions staring himself as the hero.  Can you imagine that?  Steven Segal as the good guy?  Only in Russia.  I will say this.  The Russian Actresses must be out of this world with  being beautiful starlets.  They also are really good in theater and dance.  I can imagine how good the production and distribution of studio films with Steven Segal starring in them and the independent movie production that occurs with these Russian actresses.