It is Wednesday and time to write another SEO document on independent films. I am in Springfield Missouri where we have Missouri State University Theater Drama Department in deep discussions of the Cannes 2022 slate of independent films with the students.  I think the majority is going with Little Richard but some are selecting the dog flick. Which ever great movie they choose, they have a habit of picking the slates of feature pictures that win year after year.  Smart Drama students at Missouri state university, that is for sure. There have been a lot of Hollywood Scarlets that have come out of Springfield namely Julia Turner. Also, Dan Goodman, married to Roseanne another Starlet has come from Missouri State University. Many guys have come from here too including Gun Smoke, a TV series in the 60s. Don Johnson, a list Hollywood Movie star, and a great phenomenal actor has come from Branson.

In Branson, an video was shot last year. But I had to get us of Branson Missouri last year due to the pandemic, so I went to Pasadena California where I made an play come to life. I then ran across a friend of mine, Ron McQueen who was a South African actor whose wife made an TV show in the 80s. We had a lot of fun playing film financier screenwriter back in the 90s when Hollywood projects were in full swing trying to get one of the top festival independent films off the ground.  The only business there is for a film investor is in real estate. Most of the need for Oil and Gas money is now the place to be for private partnerships and they are in need of investment right now.

Our editorial and blogging site have a book writer blog that needs a film go fund me page right now for his script Against West. He is from the Mangrove section of Nigeria where the best Artists come from and where a recent cinematic creation that won awards at the Cannes International was made.