Speaking of Mike Tyson, starring in the independent movie A night in Los Vegas,  how about Ali dying this year. Ali was the greatest ever and he was an entertainment dream. Billy Crystal gave the sermon at the funeral, and he was the very best Ali personate there ever was. I nearly died when I heard his first Ali characterization. Ali thought it was so good, he called Billy Crystal his little brother until he died. Did anyone see the Ali documentary starring Will Smith? What a great movie! The box office receipts went wild. Speaking of Will Smith, what about him and Tommy Lee in Men in Black?  But when the R&B rapper international creative artists like Ice Tea hit the TV shows like Hill Street Blues, we automatically make money for the networks like CBS.

What a gut-busting wrenching comedy that was. The animation was superb as the actors’ characterizations and assassinations were great with the funny-looking space creatures in blue and green.  But in a small side street, in Pasadena, back in 1991 billy LAx migrated to Southern California in pursuit of his screenwriting career.   billy worked hard creating his first book, but also did a lot of partying mainly trying to meet independent film connections in the State of sunshine.  It was a wild ride for billy LAx as he went broke chasing movies then made a lot of money in digital marketing.  He started a Russian Brides site but could not make it work do to it being to big for one guy to handle.  But billy did meet a lot of Russian Actors when he was in Moscow and got to see the Russian movie scene which was underground and corrupt to no ones surprise.

To his fortune, he sold his first script to a movie investor who I think felt sorry for billy more than he wanted the manuscript.  But that kicked billy off and he signed with William Morris and then sold three more pieces before deciding it was to far to the top of the heap and digital marketing and PHP programming would pay more benefits, at least in the short time.  So billy LAx became one of the best coders in the software business.  Now circling back with moviesbyespresso website.  We are circling the wagon says Maxx TEE when asked our Espresso independent movie effort was coming in the trenches among the bloggers revolt that not enough entertainment traffic was headed to the site.  SEO takes a while Maxx TEE says and they have to keep their shorts on until the time passes. After all, we have just been into SEO for one month on their Movies by Espresso website.  But the directors are out in force creating the very best flicks you can imagine on their 35mm shoots.  Maybe we can up the technology to the new digital cameras, says CC bel.  It would be nice since nobody shoots in film anymore.  Poor billy LAx is so old he remembers back in the 80s and 90s when they use to shoot grainy b movies in 16mm.