They are in the corner trying to figure out movies in the tragic matter of thinking. These needs are all over Melrose Blvd in West Hollywood as they are in need of indie Movie directors. Beware of the Hotel Roosevelt old-time and gigantic West Hollywood  moguls as they move into the high rolling condos that sprawl across the city allowing the rich and famous access to the best LA has to offer and also allowing them to to get away from the hippies cruising Melrose in their VW vans. In the universe of motion pictures, video editors do not get too many business solutes to the king of Alaska. Solemnly, we look at our multiplexity of a symphony orchestra for horror films and tell ourselves that Walter Paten was not a leading man in the movie about Gale Sayers and Brian. Does Ali have a chance against John Travolta in a gunfight at the okay corral?  I think Sedona Arizona may have an issue with that.  That is a great place to shoot westerns, the best in the world actually.  We have thousands of acres in this Northern Arizona desert town to shoot those lonely scenes of cowboys riding west.  Think of Wyatt played in the Tombstone indie movie headed to California after he had the shoot out.  Just gives my goosebumps to think about it.  Wyatt and his brothers wound up downtown San Diego where there is a building with his name on it is a hotel these days.  What an ending for a guy who did so much in life that they are still writing movies about him in 2021.  This page is short on movie material so I will fill it in with very important entertainment news from the Hollywood Reporter.  We have just learned that Doris Day died.  And it was seven years ago.  I will have a talk to the reporter that is covering Doris Day 50s movies.  But then Elvis co-starred with her. So did the guy on My three sons, Fred what’s his name.  I remember they use to play at the old Midland Michigan movie house on the circle on Ashman.   That was truly the day  of movies for me.  I was just a little boy in the 60s and every TV show or movie seemed to be something to treasure.  We would talk about the shows amongst my classmates and we had no idea what the word indie movie even meant.