In the Santa Monica area of Los Angeles the entertainment business is raging like the wild fires in the Palm Desert part of California.  The indie film cinematographers and their cameras especially for YouTube are on every corner with their want to be actresses trying hard to get their videos posted number one on YouTube.  But what we are seeing is a space and time in the world of cinema where we are not going to the theaters as the releases are limited.  Entertainment customers are afraid of getting COVID and they do not go to the shows anymore.  They stay home and watch HBO and Showtime from the comfort of their living rooms, rather than see the newest movie at the silver screen.  We are not happy about the lack of production and sets we are seeing in the valley these days.  All  around Universal City there  use to be mega budget pictures the directors and producers are no where to be found.  The cinema is done.  Even Television has the worst flicks ever playing Friday night trying in vain to replace Tinsel Town’s indie film excitement at the box office.  So our favorite leading men are no longer showcasing their faces for us to see at the nearest flick and neither are our favorite female lead.  Probably in some Hollywood two bit disco getting their drugs shot up.  But we should not fret, we can find better things to do besides spending all that time in the cold damp room watching crap we don’t care about.  That surely will not make Kevin Costner happy but it will make a lot of YouTube performers excited.  Where do we come up with Hollywood movie jargon.  Turn your back and they have new movie maker’s terms you have to use to be cool.  In Hollywood, movies have always been a young person’s game.  I feel sorry for the old filmmakers trying desperately to make a living but can only make chicken feed jobs because of their age.  I have a member right now with Espresso films that is scared to tell her age because she can not find a job in the indie film business.