Ontario California would not be thought of as the ultimate of a movie maker’s town, but located thirty miles up the 210 from Los Angeles, it is a cost affordable place to start a independent movie production company.  But the inland empire has a lot of set locations especially for great Roy Rogers westerns.  I imagine that is where he got Trigger and the Lone Ranger comes from there. Those were the absolute best classics and well worth a Saturday morning lounging around dreaming about where you would go or what you would do on that horse.  It must have been a cinematographer’s nightmare trying to  get those closup shots on location.  But maybe you can get up and wade into your job and Cal Tech, doing your research and sneaking that pad of paper out where you are composing the dream screenplay.  After you are done in your lab, then come back to your apartment on Mentor street and turn on the black and white television and maybe you will find an oldie but goodie TV show.  Then get ready and go down to Old Town Pasadena and watch one of the movies at the box office.  But what ever your turn on is, it has to  include Steven Segal in one of his 80s action movies.  Beating up everybody on camera while being told what to do must be a thrill.  

However, filmmakers from the Hollywood independent movie distribution companies  should be aware of the real wolves coming from downtown Colorado Blvd from Kevin Costner’s dancing with wolves.  That flick was an art piece for the generations, causing millions to flock to the theaters.  How the thoughts flowed about being in America’s west.  He put on a heck of a performance and I will always be stuck in time.  Huge revenue was made from excellent promotion mainly on television.  International film fans loved it.  If one has watched Abbot and Castello we would know what real slap stick comedy was.  It is just amazing how far our comedy has come if you are watching some of the newest comedians at the ice house and such places.  Funny guys get laughs at the comedy shows like the one in Springfield Missouri.  They  were selling tickets to the comedy shows on the campus of Missouri State University, in front of the drama school.  Without a doubt, the Ice House filled up with funny boy fans and they really enjoyed the slap stick humor that comes out of the Mid-West.  They have had several independent movie film stars come from this area of the land like Dan Goodman and Fester, the guy on Gun Smoke.  Brad Pit also comes from Pickney which is in Springfield.