They are starting their own independent films and it will not be a super success because they are not diligent in parsing the work to their companions. But we are now on 400 or so words in this SEO movie document for Espresso Films SEO venture and it just seems like it is more work than what we do in the entertainment business that all three of us work on. Actually, it is a never-ending film investment in which we are doing in the blue lagoon. But boys will be girls and girls will be boys and that was ten words that I will never retrieve from the deep blue of Espresso Films Editorials and movie blog deep waters. But if you don’t like the name Espresso Films Editorials and film blog, then maybe you might like moviesbyespresso We really love our company in Springfield Missouri home of the Missouri State Bears drama school and retail stores. We will be the best promotional and exposure company West of the Mississippi from St Louis to Los Angeles and will support the very best Television  business there is. Now we here in Panera Bread on National Street are sitting over movie editorials and film blog talking about coffee and how it goes with mega-budget studio showcased independent films.  Like we said when we go to the Springfield Theater presentations of Noah’s Arch.  We love the play and are working on making it into a screenplay for the ages.  When we do, the character actors in Branson will come out of their hibernation and make their way down to Springfield for auditions.  If the digital marketing team at Espresso Films gets more movie bloggers they will make themselves rich off Google Adsense. They have several film pages ranking and will get more in the next couple months so we are soliciting movie investors now so we can make them a great rate of return off their investment and it is better than investing into a film created by some no name executive producer.  Especially if the movie is not packaged with a marquee actor or a movie distribution  deal including foreign sales.  But some of the low budget flicks do not need a theater deal as they can get enough production budget by just saying please to an angel investor.  If the social influencers set up on Maxx TEE’s Facebook and Instagram movie pages will get together on making an independent film, we will be super happy.