See them at the independent film theaters with the cinemas open after COVID and starlets coming out of the Hollywood woodwork. The indies are a community that creates the best art in the world. It is packed with the best entertainment professionals that exist. They come from Film schools all over the world Like UCLA school of drama. These flicks are made by huge production companies like DreamWorks and Warner Bros and Universal and Pixel. The lesser name projects are much better than their brothers, the studio flicks.

Kevin Costner has nothing on Joe Miller the b actor for the small-budget dreams. We here at the editorials and blog sites promote the best art there is. We at Espresso Films report on the latest celebrities. billy LAx is our Managing Director and he will network each of members specific skills within Hollywood businesses. Jan Kilpatric is our content manager for our website moviesbyespresso and will guide each member to create a great blog. Just the perfect statement telling the world about who that filmmaker is. CC bel our Jr Editor is also our digital marketer as well as he is putting together his first creation four shades of love. A true art-house constipation that we expect to go to the top of Cannes International festival as one of the best of the year. Then there is Maxx TEE, another first-time movie winner of a gold metal, digital marketer,  for moviesbyespresso editorials written by billy LAx. Maxx TEE will light up the silver screen that will happen at the end of 2021 of his action-packed thriller, Kill it now, that we expect to garnish massive box office receipts and do very well at the American Film Market independent film.  They come from Africa, the US, Asia, and filmmakers from around the world. In London England, the English love to go to the movies at the center of the city where the Theater releases play all the time. These fanatics come straight from Hollywood executive producers. Can you imagine the tea and crumpets they eat after watching the very best cinema in Europe‚Äôs main hub?  The old TV shows like Raw Hide is where some of the big film stars come from like Clint Eastwood.  Did you know that Clint Eastwood is the mayor of Mt Carmel in California.  Sonny Bono was the mayor of Palm Springs.  Arnold Swartznagger was the Governor of California.  And  the little African American kid from the TV show in the 80s was running for Governor of California too.  As a matter of fact, the Actor Ronald Reagan who was a TV star and a gymnast was the governor of Michigan. Independent film stars find this an exciting new prospect of employment after they are retired from acting.  Don’t know how many will be the president though.