Our female lead in the Princess of the water ghetto is a big woman. She dominates the indie movie theater screens and wastes no time in getting shown. September is her month of delinquency and depending on what is going on, she will make appearances all over Southern California before she heads home to New York where she will give a speech at her old college NYC drama school.   It is a month of no clause movie contracts ignoring the right and just as our pretenses.  We will walk in the huge park in the Apple and watch Steven Segal shoot his next action thriller on Tuesday which will last all day.   It is a repertoire of commercial magnitudes that the new set of film concepts surrounding film directors in serious double jeopardy in advancing the new space for  story tellers about submarine wars. Tentatively, Universal Studio and John Travolta have agreed with Tom Cruise that the next girlfriend he gets needs to be older than eighteen and two days.  Hope the end of the year here in 2021 brings in a better group of Santa Monica film festival indie movie slate of projects then it did last year due to the COVID virus shutting down nearly all the productions in Los Angeles.  We will be on the watch for that one amazing story that wins the first award and goes on to make all that money at the theater.  The lucky  stiff investor on that will be funding entertainment assets for a good long time.  If we watch our favorite flick on Saturday night and get our date home late, her father may think we ran away to Hollywood to make it big in the movies.  But he will be wrong as we will be drinking milkshakes at Bob’s ice cream stand dreaming about having kids and watching little joe on Bonanza.  Strive to make things better in your acting class.  The girl right next to you wants to be the leading lady in your film that you are the movie director of.  It will be good for both of you to get to know the casting director and to be on his good side as he could choose other actors instead of you.  Don’t be afraid to stand up before that indie movie director and make your case on why you should get the part in the play at the high school.  He will probably give it to you as it will not effect the movie box office receipts.