We need to know more about those Iowa cornfields since recently here in 2021 Field of Dreams has made a comeback when the Yankees played the White Sox in an Iowa field made for that indie film Field of Dreams made by Costner in the 90s. So we whine and dine our movie-loving cousins all the time but do we pay attention to that special cousin who is a celebrity lover? Probably not because he only does TV shows.  That means that these second cousins of ours who only play bingo and are not really serious about making studio flicks should not be allowed close to our offices.  Who cares if the corny actress is a hall of fame baseball player on the sports network in the summer in Los Angeles? We need to turn them into serious reporters. Their acting methodology sucks anyway as they are just pretending across the country of music artists because they have no international experience at all. A calf in the orchard directed an apple farm between a horse in the barn of Warner Bros in Santa Monica will not give milk to an indie film executive producer.  In the scope of things at Universal Theme park, we would like to take a moment and solute all those theme park fans who have seen the DeLorean in Back to the Future skit that they have constructed there that thousands of tourists have enjoyed over thirty years of seeing the exhibit.  So when that Michael cat who made that delight is bragging about his millions he made at the box office, well I guess he is entitled to.  Thousands of kids just out of high school get on the bus headed for Hollywood trying to make it big in the movie business. They get jobs like waitresses and with two guys and a truck moving furniture waiting for the chance to strike gold in some audition.  Most of course never do as there are thousands of them for each leading man, but many get a chance to be an extra on that production set that they  dreamed of.  In any case, if the indie film they are dreaming about being in, actually casts them, even for a small part they think they have made it and will show their tape of it for ever to anyone who will care to stay up until midnight watching their stupid DVD that will probably be played until it is broke.