Generating film “buzz” was a high priority for that job for me.  When I was done, I went to Santa Monica through all the restaurants and bars trying to find independent movie actors who possibly wanted advance and promote their name, to achieve marquee value,  just to meet them and get their autograph.   The heavyweight boxers in the 60s took the place of cinema.  Ali and Frazer were thrills to watch in their three matches and so instead of seeing Sylvester Stallone in his Rambo series, we would watch boxing.    Walking through the cafés in the city of glitz and glimmer, was a first-time thrill for me.  Throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area like Orange County and San Diego.  To take your girlfriend to the movies and buy her popcorn is a treat every Friday night.  You can watch the theater with pleasure.  If you get her home late, her father will ask you what movie you have seen.  Tell him and he will be happy.  This is because these flicks are wholesome contributions to his family.  If you tell him a top 20 independent movie, he will kick you out and you will never see your actress again.  And if you are a cool chick, that could be bad for your reputation.  So, make sure your boyfriend takes you to a TV show as opposed to a stage play  If he takes you to one of these indie movies, you will be a happy camper.  Now your brother could take you down to Hollywood boulevard and you could see the Mann’s Chinese Theater.  Years ago, they had a Charlie Chapman mime at the boardwalk.  When CC bel finally asks his hot movie blogger he meant on LinkedIn out, he will not make his actress girlfriend happy.  The fact is, the new girl is billy LAx niece and he will not be happy with CC bel.  billy LAx is very protective and he might pull a Bruce Willis in his huge studio flick Armageddon.  CC bel will be running all over West Hollywood with billy LAx chasing him like a John Wayne Western movie.  CC bel could be riding Roy Roger’s horse, Trigger trying to get away with his little Dale Evens on the back.  Actually CC bel drives a 1970  VW and his new actress chick will probably not be wanting to ride very long because billy will want to put her in his next independent film if she stops seeing CC bel.  But Maxx TEE might step in at that time and ask her to go out to the theaters.