We can’t get enough of the independent films that is focused on hard knocks as its success model. Do it yourself heliolites that play red necks from the green goblin lagoon are heralded as a novelty and a one-time wonder of the silent independent films era. Bad girls and bad boys from Paris Indiana are at the top of the leading men list to star in this all stars cast of do-nothings. It is mesmerized as a Hollywood showcased cinema work of art in the highest degree of art. Be a high rolling star-studded wonder of a huge mega-budget movie shot by Dexter Throne and Winnie pooh in high-definition HDTV in supermax and DVD showcased to start a wonderful international distribution for Georgia Pacific and Entergy the power generation enterprise that will fund in the next lifetime. We can depend on female lead to come through with their mega-budget corporation in the near future, but not a short, tiny, microscopic showtime video. Stuntmen and Directors of Photography will stand on their back legs to see the race car turn over in its grave at CC bel’s next independent films picture shoot. I really love Maxx TEE’s worm investment project.  He maps out the true value of breeding worms in a documentary shoot he has planned since angel wood drama school in which Maxx TEE attended, not so energetically, as he has done his Espresso Films Editorials and film blog job. For little Maxx TEE and his charming and noble sidekick, CC bell, we can imagine, and only imagine, great tidings and things.  In the dark deep nasty areas of Hollywood, some of the actresses work in the dance clubs.  They could not make it in Hollywood and they are forced to survive so they are there. They get hooked on the lack of success in their entertainment careers and they can only be motivated by money.  We feel sorry for these poor souls and have an washed up actress charity club that gives them a place to sleep away from the producers that try to take advantage of them.  In Pasadena Films area of West Los Angeles, many of these washed up below the line poor fellows live in their boxes.  The independent films that they are dreaming about being in is exactly  that.  A nightmare.