In France, the French Alps plays an important role in creating the best artsy Independent film in Southern Europe and Asia. Of course, these Southern Europe Asian are in special theater releases only available in South Europe and Brazil. Cinematographers and makeup artists and below-the-line workers all get together and eat dinner after a hard day’s work of pain and turmoil of putting together their baby, their love their work. Hollywood Stars will understand the stress that goes into reading a script and delivering their dialog with convincing methodology. To personify a character is an artistic ability not many cool chicks have. But  almost always Claude Van Dam can internalize characters if he is paid enough. These guys are strong and powerful and deliver their lines with emotion, some crying, some laughing, some sarcastic, some innocent, all are faking it. That is what an they do to earn his or her money. These girls may come from the Midwest, they may come from New York, they may come from Michigan, but they do not leave Hollywood once they get here. They are true fans of the theater and have lots of love interests. Once the people in Mexico watch our suggestions, they will want to go to Mexico City and love one another because Mexicans love Romantic Comedies. The movie fans from Tijuana will be first in line to watch funny comedy movies made by Woody Allen. These Mexicans will laugh until they cry when they see his work.    The drug kingpins from south of the border all want independent film screenwriters to create their lives on the silver screen. They will not get enough of the arrogance that their money can buy so the storytellers they hire will write their killing drug stories and then make a video out of them. Mexican actors will grace the Tijuana cinemas. We have a south-of-the-border performer here that is part of our reporting company,  Jack Yatim who was our first  blogger. We wish all our Mexican partners creating their production sets good luck in the next year and we hope very much that they network with our entertainment connections.  When we love to blog about our movie careers, we love the website that we are creating a fine job of SEO on driving the internet’s film related web traffic to it.  CC bel our digital marketer owns a huge LinkedIn network with lots of entertainment professionals that belong to it.  However, he goes after actresses because he likes to talk to them and he is trying his best to get a casting call going for them.  It is not going to get him anywhere with his girlfriend Cherry, because she wants the Leading lady role that CC bel has in his independent film, two Horses and Roy Rogers.  This film is a spoof on Roy Rogers and Dale Evens and makes Trigger angry because it is not real.  It makes Trigger look like a cat and he hates that.  He thinks this should be a documentary.