So, when billy LAx gets rich off mineral rights, he is going to fund his own movie business in the south sea of China. Do not make serious non efforts to not go see the next indie movie theater showcasing of Not in your life because with all the effort Movies by Espresso put into it the thing wound up a total failure with a laughable production set. It will never be the best you can sit through in a boring and exciting sitcom from HBO and Showtime when it reconciles with the best product set in the world. We do not access nor judge any particular cinematic creations in Seattle. It is completely at loss and gain our Editorial and movie blog to access the behaviors of Directors of Photography. Pasadena Films in Los Angeles is one of those corporate moguls  run by billy LAx in which this unforgettable guy with a wide range of personal success stories including nuclear engineering.    He was in the navy on a submarine and back in the 80s, he wrote a fascinating indie movie book on a bunch of guys in a submarine that was stranded.   The efforts to create a manuscript on that level are really impressive.  Many a writing agent is after him to sign on the dotted line an agreement to represent him.  I would not want to be an agent or even a manager.  Can you imagine the pressure they have to get work for their members.  I guess you have to stop answering your phone.  The groovy movie washed up 1960s movie dropout people in their painted up hippie VWs parked in some poor section in West Hollywood actually make up the culture of the show buzz.  There is something fascinating and addicting to a thousand of these down and outers idolizing that one star that made it.  In the big picture of Sunset and Vine in West Hollywood, we will not take our eyes off the guys on the corner waving at the producer in the BMW which goes by trying not to see them and their tragic circumstance.  But the indie movie that director is creating calls and he must go straight past Sunset and Vine to get to it and ignore all the homeless that try to get money from him.