When I was young, I use to watch Hollywood indie film at the outdoors movie theaters where you use to take your girlfriend and kiss her in the car, paying no attention to the movie on the screen.  Then Mark Harmon came along with NCIS and we all stopped with the drive-in theaters and went to TV shows.  Then good old Jethro Gibbs up and quit and now its back to watching the drive-in theaters. But hang on, LeRoy Jethro Gibbs is bound to reappear on the TV show. CBS would not think of taking him off.  Good old CBS will probably make a two-hour feature on it.  The level of the studio’s we will do a deep dive into the processes of developing an indie film project with money that is from outside investors in attempt to make lots of return on investment.  Screenplay writers are a huge want in the Espresso films business network. billy LAx is starting his own writing agency and we cover story tellers if nothing else in the movie-making profession. A good script doctor can make a flick or break a flick. Our documentation specialists take great care when commissioned for lots of money to create a long but standard psycho thriller. Maxx TEE our digital marketer for the indie film website who is also a junior editor has a recommendation for tonight’s entertainment for you as a movie special that he says is really a killer flick.  It is called Danny and he says that you will be riveted to your tube if you are watching it on a DVD.  You can also go to the rock on a mountain cinema in Altadena California where it will play at an outdoor stage, they use for guests coming into the town that like to showcase their indie film talents.   But the movie House of Screams will be on the TV soon  as it will run its theater circuits where it gets all its marketing and promotion.  This cinematic creation is about two campers who go out of their way to kill a casting director and she is sent to Melrose Blvd in Hollywood for a quick heart transplant from a monkey with aides and COVID so that she does not have to be a scarlet in CC bel action delight called the lost cause starring Tom Cruise.   All of us fans love these kinds of indie film psycho thrillers involving dead and gone corpses who come alive just to get into Santa Monica. I have read a lot of American Literature with Edgar Allen Poe and James Madison who was a president that lived in the 1800s and had a wife by the name of Roseanne Bar who also was married to Dan Goodman who starred in many Benny Hill productions. We always covet those Humphrey Bogard movies that he made a long time ago with Ty Cobb who was a baseball player that starred in Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams Indie film.  In the back alley of Hollywood, near Melrose, is a small bar with lots of Hollywood filmmakers who never made it drowning in their tears. You will find Maxx TEE here taking interviews for his new drama documentary, to be a loser in Hollywood.  billy LAx does not like Maxx TEE for doing such a thing as he thinks it will give his website moviesbyespresso a bad name but Maxx TEE feels very strongly that this important political point gets out.  It is important that young drama school students from the American film academy know what they are getting into when they pursue a career in this unforgiving business of cinematic art.  Indie film is not a place to make a living, contends Maxx TEE, first time director.