Half Dead Fred is a Monroe Michigan film that stars Cherry bel as the bad girl.  We also have Home Alone 2 which is shot in Monroe Michigan as a completely satisfying independent movie.  Rather it be a romantic comedy or just a plan mafia thriller, movies shot on the lake in Michigan are always exciting.  We need to look at the House of Screams for example which will do well at the Detroit Film festival.  We plan on being in Santa Monica in November at the American Film Market to promote House of Screams.   Here was an actor who came on a mountain goat to the top of Mount Washington who screamed “I am at the top of my height”  The independent movie audience was in shock.  You could see a make-up artist had done a great job.  It takes all these professionals to create an scene like this.  Do not be dismayed at the box office results of the top comedies and horror flicks in the world.  They seldom happen for the Indies.  They normally are saved for the mega dollar babies coming from studio releases.  However, if an line producer has enough money, he can get what he needs.  I was also on a job in Long Beach where Arnold Schwarzenegger was shooting the famous independent movie Terminator II.  It was a power plant, and they were telling me about the production stage that was set inside the plant.  You could see the scene where the Terminator was coming up the escalator to kill that kid and his mother.  If you shoot an independent movie with a great film camera, that is actually a High definition camera, and you use the right camera angles, you will get great results.  You might get the next cinematic award at the Santa Monica film festival.  When you get the right lighting on the production set, wonders can happen. The acting can be ferriable but the shots be entertaining with the right director of photography. 

When I was at that power plant in the 80s, I was calibrating the instrumentation, dreaming about an escape from the Terminator as that beastly fellow came after me.  I thought, wow!  If I had a mom like that leading lady, I would not have to worry about Kevin Costner coming  after me in his independent movie Terminator.   So we finished the job and went home and bragged to my wife on how I fixed John Travolta’s ride through the Midnight Express.  But showtime will come and we will head back to the movie makers dreams of Espresso Films and their crazy bloggers trying to find a place in the industry.  But in the wide scope of Branson’s shows, we will not know success until our wives dance at the Sight and Sound theater. So watch out, watch out Reese Witherspoon as we are advancing on your studio pictures quickly.  You have your mega directors like Steven Spielberg and your a list actors like Ben Affleck to help you  get you film sales but we have our independent movie producer billy LAx who will pass you up when it comes to box office revenue.  in the valleys of the dolls, a movie shot by Vincent Tarantino the firs thrill is the way the actors talk as if it were so natural.  You know, how you talk to your friends is exactly how Tarantino writes his script dialog.  And then there is Steven Seagal who does his fight movies that everyone loves so much especially the movie crowd in Moscow.  CC bel would love to sign Steven Seagal to be the lead male in the next flick he directs and the Espresso Film Bloggers would have a field day on movie reports of the next thing Steven Seagal says or does.  But we may have a long wait to see Steven Seagal in an independent movie as he is an old guy.