In the armpits of Harison Michigan we find a horror movie that will be in the bottom of Wixom Lake called Half Dead Fred.  The independent films that have been shot in Michigan are few and far between so the drama club at Central Michigan University better pick this film up and participate in it so it will get popularity in the theater circuits in Detroit.  But the camera shots with wide angle shooting will be the very best that CC bel can use in this sort of flick after all, he is the cinematographer.   House of Scream is the next biggest film to hit the independent films business.  It will star Brad Pitt and Cherry bel as two lovers stuck in a horror movie.  CC bel will have a tough time sitting back and watching Brad Pitt in a love seen with his actress girlfriend, but Cherry bel will enjoy it even if she tells CC bel it is only a stage kiss.  But we do not want to forget about the new Star Trek movie which will be an MGM flick as well as the new Transformer flick.  Both will be animation excellence and VFX experts will be in line to work on the two movies.  But the TV cable networks will buy the rights to distribute both movies after they have done a run in the theaters and that is where all the money will be made.  Love and war are storytelling independent films themes that our Hollywood moviemakers love to write about. They make great indies and the huge and successful independent films business will produce and direct them on Thursdays. How about on Fridays after ten o’clock? In the night after dark under the stars, when the scary crooks come out in the half-moons, we will produce and direct Espresso Films movie blog and movie editorials. What kind of film editorials are there on moviesbyespresso website? Green ones with blue polka dots. Also some tan ones. But whatever color they are , there are no better indie movie business editorial reports than what we have here at Movies by espresso.  In our company, Espresso Films, we are huge movie bloggers as we get our members from all over the Hollywood community to drop what they are doing and spend a lot of time telling us how they got into the entertainment profession.  Many of us tell of their independent films exploits that would shock even the hardest Hollywood Heavy weights which have been around since the sixties and have scene personally on stage shots that would turn you read.  Those sorts of movie directors, which created films like Night time Nurses, would not survive today.  When studio films get so red hot like they did with Home Alone 2 then it is time to back away.  You cannot compete for movie fans when they are all sitting in a theater watching a Christmas box office hit like Home Alone 2.  Even the Addams Family 2, one of the most watched horror films in the world, cannot compete with a film that max’s out the box office theaters like Home Alone 2 movies made for the families of America and the family genres of the world.  But when the Reese Witherspoon’s of Hollywood decide they want to start making independent films, then we will see a spike in the theater tickets.  Every theater owner will charge more for their tickets, but they will pay more for the distribution rights too.  Thats how movie distribution works.  Usually, you go to the American Film Market and cut a distribution deal.  Espresso Films Website has an article on film distribution written by film editor  billy LAx that you can read to learn the different types of distribution contracts.  Understanding how these business contracts are written between the director and the distributor is understanding the independent films business at its core level inside the Hollywood beltway.