If we look at the best film technologies as applied to an independent film, in the last seventy years, we will find that the advances in cinematographic camera technologies is far better than any other part of movie technology.   Shooting with 35 mm film is old and outdated.  Let alone 16 mm film which was used abundantly by directors of photography only thirty years ago.  Large movies like Home Alone 2 used 35 mm film which was twenty years ago.  It had a huge theater release and the Distibution funding was massive and supplied by Warner Bros.  Still in all, the actors had great skill and the starlets really knew how to create that special kind of chemistry with her actor.  But lets give Matt Damon a round of applause for that movie he made with Robin Williams.  It will go down as a fan favorite and has made lots of theater revenue. Half Dead Fred, the new independent film shot in England in and old London Gothic house will be winner of many awards this year and probably blow the top off the box office with millions of fans going to see the production.  Can we say that it is a success now?  No not yet because the movie promotion companies have not weighed in yet but the Espresso Films bloggers sure have with critiques like Ben Johnson a want to be director and film blogger raving about the movie.  It should be on the New York film festivals top slate of films says billy LAx.  Cherry bel, our Movies by Espresso Actress should get a small part in it if it is going to make the next largest studio film.  If Reese Witherspoon and Dan Goodman get together for an independent film, we will not see much of a love scene because Reese Witherspoon is a hot young actress and Dan Goodman is a smelly old actor who has smooched on Rosanne.  Give me the top one thousand films and I will show you Don Johnson in there somewhere as a character actor.  Don Johnson started out on the Dating Game, a 70s TV show.  MASH another TV show whose star was Radar O’Rielly.   The TV cameras were digital back then and still are but much more highly advanced because of the TV camera upgrades.  Actually, Palo Verde would be a great production site for a Mass TEE and his cinematic independent film project. You could picture a steel vulture on top of the three containment domes, ready for the cinematographer to shoot the bird swooping down with his high-tech video camera to put into the desert. Phoenix would also be a great movie location for a bonanza-style TV show.

It is home of Ben Cartwright, and it was the very best of the desert studios. In Tucson, there actually is a western studio. Many of a John Wayne’s work was shot in Tucson and further south there is another western stage set. CC bel is heading to Flagstaff to video his thriller to catch a parrot which is on a location near elephants in the Grand Canyon.   His hope is that his love affair is solicited by the independent film festivals and awarded their gold badge merits for the best of the experimental for 2021. Adventure movies like Sherlock Holms, the studio flick that hit the theaters in the early part of the millennium were great to take your kids too.  Family themed films are always profitable to the film investers and we need to collaborate as a moviemaking community to get more great films to our families like Home Alone 2 Christmas themed movie.  But then there are the arthouse wacko movies that the weird foreign crowd loves and the theaters that create the experimental theme circuits.  We wish him the best form of independent film promotion and we will write about it in our Espresso Films editorials and our cinema blog will cover it completely as they approach the seasons opener. But billy LAx and his department will write continuously and completely with only dull words about foreign distribution for 2021.  In agreement with Disney, we have decided not to report on their next hippo artsy gift to the entertainment industry.  It is not a good screenplay nor will it be regarded well by box office fans.  billy LAx is a screenplay writer from the 90s and is a devoted owner in our website Movies by Espresso in which he manages Maxx TEE who is a first time independent film director.  Maxx is putting together Rise of an Empire, and he is now casting his leading lady.  I am having a lot of time going to Maxx TEE’s casting calls and watching the struggling actresses put on their best performances in attempt to get chosen by Maxx to be in his movie.  CC bel is trying to get Maxx to put his girlfriend turned actor in his movie too with major push from billy LAx because the starlet is actually his niece. So goes the life in the independent film business.  Reckless and determined to succeed, these young moviemakers will do anything to get their arthouse film to the theaters.