The top 1000 movies seen in 2023 will be sci-fy thrillers and will be shot by Pasadena Films in the parking lot of MGM in Burbank California next to Johnny Carson’s home.  One indie film in particular will be done by Vincent Tarantino and will be a spin off to Réservoir Dogs.   It will have the standard Vincent Tarantino dialog which is always his icon and it will sell on the international film markets because of Vincent Tarantino’s marquee value. These fantasy crowds would stand on the steps to see their favorite movie star. They could see Backdraft, a movie made near Fair Oaks in the 90s, and sported major talent at the time. This indie film drew rants and raves from the film critiques. They applauded the fire that was created by the production crews in one of the bars in Old Pasadena. Backdraft was a box office smash and was a very nice entertainment.  Espresso Films Editorials are next to none as far as incredible internet web-based intellectual properties. Our selections sport reports that tell our web surfers about the industry including movie directors.   He writes on Television shows as well as being a play write.  Maxx TEE the first time director of Night Flight, a thriller indie film will launch his new screenplay this year.   He has done a great piece lately on mama bears in Alaska as they get caught in the polar ice and can’t get out to get their cubs and is turning it into a documentary that will be shown on Fox.  The bear story teller here is CC bel and we are extremely happy to lay a claim to him in the member connections of our website moviesbyespresso  When he goes on the expedition to the artic to video tape the bears, he will also be reporting on artic wolves in the wild and how they react to humans.  CC bel is preparing for this extreme adventure by upgrading his indie film cinematography equipment with the newest and latest of lighting equipment and hiring Maxx TEE a professional gaffer who has shot many of a two hour motion picture with large companies such as Pixel.  Because we go to the cinema each Saturday night, we are at risk of running into CC bel and his actress girlfriend and having to listen to them talk about her audition for Maxx TEE’s casting call from the beginning of the night to the end of the night.  billy LAx starts to go to sleep after a while because he has been to a thousand casting calls and does not want to hear about how Maxx TEE is a control freak in a indie film directors chair telling all the actresses how to personalize their characters from one end of the night to the other, while he is trying to sit back with his popcorn and Coke and relax and enjoy the movie.  But that makes no difference to Cherry, CC bel’s girlfriend as she keeps on animating her perfect actress body to emulate what Maxx TEE wants in his action scene.   So to put it in one set of easily explainable narrative, we need to tie CC bel and his girlfriend to a flag pole outside of the cinema and listen to their drama for real while the indie film is playing inside and billy LAx is happy with what he is seeing with his 3D glasses.  He loves those 3D glasses they came out with in the 70s to make movies way more interesting to watch as they grace the silver screens across Europe and Asia and Africa.  Actually, I don’t think the Africans ever got into them that much.   Reese Witherspoon next gig will be Two Angels which will be the biggest Disney movie ever.  It should be partly animated as Disney is staffing lots of animators this year in preparation for a big budget movie.  The indie film, to boys in a boat will be a Pixel animated movie which will go to the box offices world wide.