Hollywood motion pictures have been one of the most exciting types of entertainment business ever especially when we are considering the independent movies aspect of business.  Moving to the left of the situation, provides a relaxing rest to the entropy of the living situation of rest and relaxation. These fine pieces of blue collar art have been the dreams of cinematographers, script writers or art-house fans, executive producers since the sixties. In the production set of backdraft shot back in the nineties, it was exciting because it was shot on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena.  Same place Pasadena Films is at and Maxx TEE would have loved the shoot because it was filled with action shots and that is what Maxx TEE hangs his hat on.  The independent movies shot in Pasadena all have the Midwest flavor to them as the Rose bowl for years brought the midwesterners to Pasadena to live.  Tons of low budget b movie films are shot in Pasadena and many of a father has lost his nice daughter to the movie industry.  We must love the makeup artists who work in the below the line production on sets with horrible conditions with actors that do not deserve the attention they get.

Los Angeles corner on the life of a magnificent aspect in the world of Sunset Blvd in the effort of beautiful and glorious love affairs of TV Starlets rarely come through as exuding a prelude of luxury never seen before by the industry. Temperature taken in the SEO markets of the movie fan base in the efforts should remain high in the effort of reorganizing the structure of the love affair between significant production set designers either TV or in the Silver Screen crowds.  The independent movies of America demand we pay attention to the revenue these investments afford to a smart finance guy.   We love our adventure stories and we have all types of creation experts that can be the best of the best story tellers on the planet to give us our fix of entertainment for the ages.  Fantasy and love are feelings most theater fans treasure and they will be on the forefront of the story teller’s minds when they come up with the next drama that they will send to the silver screen.  

How does page juice flow in the realm and scenario of the Espresso crowd of Digital marketers? It runs like river water through the elite of the industry including the block buster theater releases.  TV  shows and the entertainment business have lit up the screens in movie theaters worldwide.  House of Screams is an example of the massive mistake a filmmaker can do as it is ranked in the bottom of the independent movies at the New York film festival.  The French who loves horror movies do not like the film House of screams and Ted Cassidy who played Lurch on the Addams family would roll over in his grave with a movie that bad.  The actor has no synergy with the screenplay nor is the method acting any good.  We should not judge on what is good characterization by the leading man or the female lead.  But what the talent agent has to say as they are the ones getting the work for the actors.  But even so the William Morris talent agency gives it a thumbs up, does not mean the fans do.  So lets wait to see what the Hollywood Reporter has to say about the movie.  Maybe they will give great film reviews as they do not want to make the talent agency mad.



Movies like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator and Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky were among the first.  We have taken the fizz out of the pleasure of taking your family to see such classic and art filled shows.  The want and need for the public is moving to Pulp Fiction independent movies that afford a cinematic adventure leaving the old time American classics in the dust.  Action thrillers are the most sought after theme that moviegoers want to see when they pay  their box office ticket prices.  In the trenches of Hollywood, we find the lonely actress who needs cast into one of these Action Thrillers to pick her attitude up and give her a spontaneous mood.  So in the end, we need more of the best types on shows that we use to love back in the 70s and 80s and for that matter, we can even go back to Forest Gump in the 90s to get our fix of great American independent movies to treasure and show to our next generations.  But we know that the littlest actress can bring the biggest dollar when it comes to film distribution.  Even the most intelligent film business man knows that and will make sure that the foreign sales companies will give the best price for the most marquee names in the business.  The Hollywood elite will assure that they are not going to get robbed and the character actors will get their fair share too.  The directors who pick out the screenplays need to do a great job so the marquee actors do not lose their value and the talent agents get super mad.  So the independent movies will be the next big entertainment business in the world.