What kind of independent movie is The Dry River directed by CC bel and in light of the fact that Cherry bel will be costarring next to Tom Cruize.  Will Tom Cruize and Cherry bel have a steamy love scene together while poor CC bel has to bite his Tonge and watch it?  Dan Goodman would love to see that happen as he went to Television bed with Roseanne and Tom whatever his name, Rosanne’s husband had to watch.   But Television love scenes are not really love scenes at the FCC watches out for TV content closely.  Last year we did not see Mark Harmon in any movies because he still had a contract with CBS for his NCIS TV show, but watch old LeRoy Jethro Gibbs this year when he gets a chance to ink a contract to a nice studio movie.  It will be a bigger contract than Leonard Nemoy will sign since the star of Star Trek the original Television show who played Mr Spock is dead.  In November, the American Film Market will showcase billy LAx’s Late Night with a monster independent movie which will star Cherry bel, her second lead role and she will be available to promote the film in the European foreign film sales markets this year.  Cherry bel is another Norma Jean will a really sexy actress that will draw the young guys like a magnet to the box office.  The top fifty studio movies this year has to include Gangs of New York with that Daniel actor.  On Sunset blvd in Hollywood the producers with their ideas and storytellers are making back of the napkin plans for their next film art to bring to life with the cinematic creations of first-time directors like CC bel. His method acting is next to none and he draws the film fans like a magnet. Independent movie reviews are important and must take precedence over studio.  There are lots of fans out there that love to go to AMC Theaters.  When shows are made by new people straight out of drama school, like UCLA, or USC, these guerilla flicks are always developing into main stream media product and will be showcased at Sundance and Cannes and Santa Monica and can attract international hype, they can.  To make a piece of art, is not difficult.  To make a great peace of love is difficult.  We must first do  financing. There are a lot of so-called money people in Los Angeles, but the true executive producers are agency packagers.  That person is someone who puts together the above the line talent and the screenplay.  Putting all this together is a frustrating activity.   These guys spend hours arguing with each other and they are pretty loveless characters.  The independent movie talent management tries to get the very maximum they can for the above the line while the producer is trying to pay the least.  So, by the time it is all arranged, neither is happy but both are over joyed they have work in this lack luster post COVID environment.  Now, we can go to work on our new cinematic planning for success of our motion picture.  One of the things that is necessary, is contacting the film marketing people up front in the planning process.  These guys have contacts with the international venue and can get presales. The independent movie two dogs and a cat is going to be a late release this year as billy LAx, its film director and Maxx TEE its cinematographer, will not want to do the marketing of the film until after the COVID scare at the New York film festival has completed.  In line with sucess at the box office, billy LAx will want to take his new found fame to France to publicize his two dogs and a cat movie.  But do not wait there, because Espresso Films and the movie bloggers are promising a new round of promotion for CC bel’s screenplay that will be financed soon buy the worlds famous movie investor Maxx TEE and then production of the independent movie will start next year.