Independent films are the major entertainment investment vehicle of the new millennium.  We crave to go to the theater and eat popcorn and drink cokes and see our favorite star light up the silver screen.  We love the stuff Tinsel Town produces and we will stand in long lines outside the Manns Chinese Theater on Sunset Blvd to see the flicks.  Robin Williams and Toy Soldier has taught us a thing or two about studio flicks especially Walt Disney movies.  Take your girlfriend to see the family themed movies because she will snuggle with you and cry over the actor’s romancing his actress.  Reese Witherspoon is now being featured in an entirely different movie model called the business of independent films.  She is an a list actress that is experimenting will a cast of characters that will make her  studio film buddies green with anger.  Robert Redford will be glad since he is the director and owner of the Sundance film festival that showcases these little indies from all over the world.  Time of Day, a film starring Billy Bob Thornton will be the major awarded movie at Sundance this year.  But then there is Ted Cassady who will never see a day at the festival even though the Addams Family 2 gave great reviews.  Home Alone 2 will be a massive prize winner with its Christmas theme.  When billy LAx comes to tinsel town with his new screenplay, we will want to see CC bel’s actress girlfriend Cherry bel star in it and Cherry bel will then have marquee.  But the independent films that Cherry bel will star in are few and far between.  There is two dogs and a cat, granted because this film is financed by movie Invester Maxx TEE a close partner of billy LAx.   But then there are the new and exotic Transformer super hero movies that will be coming out soon and then there is also Bad Boys by Michael Moore that will also be hitting the silver screens soon, becoming the talk of the Hollywood elites. These bad boy attitudes systematically destroy movie makers such as executive film producers from getting the countries politics under control. Making bow strings movie would be a boring flick, but it is in progress at x-ray entertainment business. It is heated up by a razor-sharp knife, cutting it into pieces for a huge fan base for the independent films. This is the pride of the Los Angeles metropolitan. A cinema for all time and space. We find it an extravaganza of pleasure for the viewing theater public bringing loads of Dodger fans to the downtown Main street area where the box office smash bringing lots of loot for the small the entertainment business it belongs to.   A hoot of a flick with a sad ending to boot. See it now at your local gas and electric cinema and its associated TV shows playing on the bar on Wabash Street, Terra Haute Minnesota. The beast and the baby are another Television episode that provides information to unemployed TV executives creates an dynamic independent films environment that they decide to go into filmmaking and create their productions that grace the silver screen everywhere. We think this movie from Secord Lake Michigan could be more popular than the locals and their buckshot in dear season in the Michigan great forest in West Branch next to Michigan’s cinematic business.  Maxx TEE our newest film director for Espresso films will lead the cooperation of the member movie bloggers to create the new film festival short Howdy.  Independent films such as Half Dead Fred make up the Cannes film festival slate of fifty this year.  When Home Alone 2 won the American Film market award for best Christmas movie ever, we could not believe it because we thought Christmas on 42nd street should have one.  But just go on says billy LAx the owner of moviiesbyespresso and Grammy nomination winner.  But House of Scream will be a block buster this summer and one of  the top one hundred films ever made. In the end, Cherry bel will win best actress of the year for her starring role int the slate of independent films she has acted in.