When the independent film, two dogs and a cat, is finally financed and goes to production billy LAx will be at the helm as the filmmaker gears up for the production shoot.  The cinematography is a long way off and CC bel who is the camera man is practicing his camera angles for the complicated film shoot.  But Cherry bel, who is getting a small character part in the movie will set Hollywood on fire with her dramatic presentation.  She is an extremely emotional actress with great method acting.  Reese Witherspoon wants to upstage Cherry bel.  CC bel will not tolerate that and will blog bad things about Reese Witherspoon on Espresso films website. From fame to frown, the leading man in my independent film will not be selected for the Pasadena academy awards nor will be asked to walk down the red carpet. We will not respect nor tolerate stuff that does not like our theater release in Augusta Georgia. Nixa Missouri will not permit those fans from voting against our next project, to beat up on a lion quickly. billy LAx will turn red with anger at the thought of any kid not hiring CC bel as he is his adventure to build the child life of an industry executive and movie blogger who reports on Espresso Films and in turn orders him to move on. Let’s be clear, Maxx TEE, who is a worm digger, will also be known as a snake killer in his new creation, to love a snake. Down on the Landing in St Louis, we found dead fish because movie fans were going crazy over dead carp hopping down roads. It was not possible that this cinema was the talk of St Louis let alone Kansas City but movie fans could not get enough of Lead male actor Joe Brown.  When billy LAx heard about Kansas City Theaters ranting about the blockbuster, Ben Joseph goes to Hollywood, he thought the whole town had gone to drama school crazy. But that is the Orange County for you.  They will not look at a producer from the independent film production  studios. But next to the St Louis Cards baseball field is a theater around the block is an excellent coffee house where art-house are created by Movies by espresso.  So when we show up at the gateway to the West in downtown St Louis to find aspiring entertainment industry professionals that want to move to Orange County and go to the Art school in Irvine, we need to probably move our position to the drama school.  We love to watch our old cinema with aging film stars.  To watch Sylvester Stallone grow old is amazing even though I am growing old myself.  But we should all be happy with aging considering all the people that did not get a chance to experience the pains of the process.  In Hollywood, there is an old persons house with lots of old film stars.  When we look at these old leading ladies all cringed up now we have movies where they were the world’s most beautiful people.  I dated an actress who was simply beautiful and now she is 58 and she is still good looking but not what she was when she was making her demo to send to all of West Hollywood talent agents and managers like ICM and CAA.  Finally it was William Morris that picked her up and they got her an audition with Saturday  Night Live.  The independent film To wish for Gravy was interested in her as a second lead to the female lead, but we turned it down as we were shooting for the stars.  That was a big mistake in Hollywood entertainment business.